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Falkland Islands: Specialised Stamp Catalogue inc Dependencies, Postal History & Cancellations 1800-2006, 5th edition. Pub by S Heitz, 270+ pgs in colour. Near new condition.AVAILABLE at A$30

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Cyprus: 1880-1984 Collection on leaves with useful early range inc 1880 ½d rose SG 1 Plate 15 (2) (cat £110 ea), 1d red SG 2 Plate 181 (cat £190), Plate 205 (cat £55), Plate 220 (cat £375), 1881 ½d on 1d SG 7 Plate 216 (cat £95), Plate 220 (cat £440), ½d on 1d SG 8 Plate 216 (cat £425), ½d on 1d SG 9 Plate 215 (cat £70), 1881 30pa on 1d SG 10 Plate 201 (cat £110), Plate 217 (cat £200), 1894-96 to 9pi, 1921 to 9pi, 1923-23 wmk script to 4pi, 1935 Jubilee set, 1938 defins to 90pi various later sets & singles. Mostly F-VFU. SG cat £2650 = A$5000. (265).AVAILABLE at A$500

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Poland: 1919 Postage Dues collection 'Porto' h/s on wide range of stamps various types inc upper & lower case letters, boxed square, oval, rectangle, diamond, circle, triangle etc in red, violet, blue, magenta etc. Many on piece, plus covers envelopes etc. Seems to be 30+ diff types, some annotated as forgeries? Also handbook illustrating 100s of diff types. VF M/U. Very interesting field. (217, + covers).AVAILABLE at A$100

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2002 Motor Racing gutter strip with Melbourne Show opt. VF fresh MUH. SG 2175-80(var). Retail $40.SOLD at A$13

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2012 AAT Centenary of Phillip Law $3.60 & 1911-14 Expedition 2nd issue $4.20 M/sheets, both opt Hobart Show, plus PPC on 'Fram' with same opt. VF fresh MUH. SG MS217 & 223(var). Retail $56. (3)AVAILABLE at A$25

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1998 Planet Ocean $4.50 opt APTA Anniv, numbered. VF fresh MUH. SG SB125(var). Pfr B217(1) cat $25.SOLD at A$12

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British Forces: 1887 QV Military Telegraphs Surch set One Dime on 1d to One Hundred Piastres on £1. VF fresh M. Yv T21-30 cat €2175, SG MT17-26 cat £1735. Very rare set & certificate can be obtained on request. (10) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1926-33 KGV 10R green & scarlet wmk Mult Star upright. VF fresh MLH. SG 217 cat £140. (P)AVAILABLE at A$110

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1926-33 KGV 10R green & scarlet wmk mult star inverted. VF fresh MLH. SG 217w cat £300. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1946-57 Parcel Post set 25c-500L, setenant pairs, perf 13¼, wmk 'winged wheel'. VF fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. Sass PP66-80 cat €2175+, SG P687-701 cat £3500. Rare set in nice MUH condition. Key 300L with 1987 Oliva & 2018 Ceremuga photo certs. (15). (P)AVAILABLE at A$650

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1938-43 KGV Pic set ¼d to 10/- perf SPECIMEN diag. VF M/MLH. SG 217s-231s cat £700. Rare set. (21) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500