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Kangaroos & KGV Heads collection on hagners in binder. Kangaroos inc 1st wmk 2½d, 3d M, 1d red G-FU, 2½d CTO, others to 9d G/FU, 3rd wmk 3d, 6d blue M/MLH to 2/- brown G-FU, S multi inc 9d M, to 2/- also 1/7 perf OS G-FU, CofA selection MUH/G-FU. KGV heads inc ½d green, orange, G-FU. Selection Single wmk 1½d brown MUH, 3d G-FU & 1½d red blk of 4 MUH, one with 'Halepence' var cat $50, extensive G-FU range (300), plus perf OS (123). S. multi (both perfs) 1½d red selection MUH/M, also extensive (778) G-FU perf OS (53 inc 7 inv wmk), CofA wmk 3d MUH, opt OS imperf pr MLH/MUH. Then 4d orange shades G-FU inc lemon, 2d orange MUH/M, 24 G-FU, 5d brown inc opt OS FU & others. Some mixed condition but a good lot for the specialist F-VF, cat $6700+. (1560)SOLD at A$300

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Perf Large OS: ½d green, 1d red Die I & 2d grey. W/C VF fresh MUH. SG O1-3 cat £109 for M, should be at least double, £218 MUH. ACSC 1bc, 2ba, 5bb cat $425. (3).SOLD at A$90

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1913-33 Hall of Classics $2 black & blue, London printing. VF UN, m/s no on back, perfect centring. Sc 218 cat US$275. SG 284 cat £500. (P)SOLD at A$160

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1922 Provisional Govt opt KGV set 1½d to 1/-, Thom printing plus set ½d-2d, Harrison printing. FU-VF U. SG 10-15 & 26-29a cat £218. (10) (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1913-19 KGV Admirals opt SPECIMEN inc 5d Die I perf 14, 10d Die II perf 15, 1/- Die II perf 14, 2/- Die I perf 15, 2/6 Die II perf 15, & 3/- Die II perf 14. M, some flts. SG 212s, 247s, 232s, 218s, 249s & 237s cat £311 as normals. (6). (P)SOLD at A$100