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Collection 1914-72 on hagners inc 1914 6d Kookaburra MLH, then MUH inc SA Cent, KGVI 3d blue Die I, Die II (thick & thin), Die II, perf 13½ x 14 Zoologicals inc 1/- Lyre, QEII Commems, 5/- Cattle cream & white paper. Decimals to 1972, plus Cinderellas inc Aust Duck stamps & others. Largely VF, retail $850. (420 + 4 M/SAVAILABLE at A$180

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1928 Royals 1/8m, ¼m, ½m, 8m & 1T as large 1927 'epreuvre collective' reduced size (125x275) imperf presentation M/sheet, affixed on card. F-VF UN. SG 223-5 & 229-30(P). Rare & impressive. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1865-67 QV 1/- Green, large white cnr letters FL-LF, wmk Emblems, plate 4, on thick--VF U, barred '223' pmk. SG Spec J101g, SG 101b cat £380.SOLD at A$50

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Collection: 1855-83 QV issues on pgs inc 1864-79 QV 1d red most plates 71-223. 1855-57 QV no cnr letters 4d on blued & white paper 6d & 1/-. 1862-64 QV small cnr letters 4d, 6d, 9d & 1/-, plus shades. 1865-80 QV large white cnr letters vals to 2/-, plus shades, plates & wmks. 1872-73 QV 6d brown & grey, plus shades & plates. 1873-83 QV large coloured cnr letters to 1/-, plus plates. Noted 8d opt SPECIMEN. 1883 QV green & lilac set to 1/-. Mostly G-VF U, some mixed but also some superb with light pmks. SG cat £12,500+ = A$22,000+. (270)SOLD at A$650

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1901 King set 1c-5L. F-VF fresh MLH. SG 62-72 cat £2230. Sass 68-78 cat €3250. Rare set. (11) (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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French Currency: 1935-37 opt KGV & Seahorses set 5c-5Fr photogravure & re-engraved, being UPU distribution 'specimens' with 1Fr50, 3Fr & 5Fr opt SPECIMEN & rest normals. VF fresh M. SG 216-223, & 224-26s cat £235. (11) (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1939 Bulolo Airmail 5/- olive-brown blk of 4. VFU, 'Bulolo 9 JU 40' cds. SG 223 cat £640 as singles. Extremely rare multiple. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1924 Eagle 15g scarlet, horiz pr, IMPERF proof, with usual printer's security line. VF fresh MUH, all 4 margins. SG 223(p), Mi 206U cat €150+. (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1938 Submarine M/Sheet, with no 000223 on back. Superb MUH, much nicer than usual gum. SG MS857g cat £650 for M so at least double, £1300 MUH, Edifil 781 cat €1010. Key Civil War M/Sheet. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700