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Croatia 1941-45 Used collection with 1941 3-line opt set (Mi cat €50), Shield opt set (€45), Croatia Army opts (6, €390 for M), Exhib opt pr, Pictorial set to 100K, plus tete-beche prs (7) & 50b tete-beche blk of 4 imperf vertically & extra part sets on piece or sheet of paper with same pmks (5 diff), 1942 Aviation imperf M/S (2) & perf (€180), then near comp inc extra gutter prs, 1942 Ustascha set in sheetlets of 4 blks of 4 with Special pmk on ea blk, plus M/S perf & imperf (€60), 1943 Pavelic Ustascha M/S perf & imperf (€60), Legion M/S pr, Zagreb Exhib M/S (2) inc with 'secret mark' & Siberia opt (2) one with 'secret mark', plus Officials & Postage Dues. Also covers & cards inc 1941 Censored to Moravia with mixed Yugoslav-Croatia franking, 1942 Registered Express cover, Parcel Cards (7) wide range of frankings inc mixed with Officials & Dues used for postage, PPC (9), plus 1919? wrapper band to Switzerland with Croat/Yugoslav 2h orange Newspaper stamp. Mi cat €1550++, plus covers etc. (320 + 13 M/S or shlts, 20 covers/cards). (P)AVAILABLE at A$600