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1985 St Lucia 'Leaders of the World' Aircraft 5c-$2 set of 8 comp IMPERF sheets of 50 (25 vert se-tenant prs), plus ea with 4 colour separation sheets in black, blue, pink & yellow. The full colour & the black sheets variety centre inverted! VF fresh MUH. SG 812-19(var). Cheap! (20 sheets, 1000 stamps)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1949 Arms set 5/-, 10/-, £1, £1 fresh marginal MUH. SG 224a-d cat £150. ACSC cat $345, retail similar. (4) (P)SOLD at A$170

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1949 Arms set 5/- to £2 Authority imprint blks of 4, inc £2 'roller flaw' on 2 stamps. F-VF fresh 2M/2MUH. SG 224a-d(var) cat £750 as singles, premium for imprints. ACSC 268-71 cat $2190. (4 blks) (P)SOLD at A$425

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1949-50 Arms 10/- purple corner no imprint blk of 4. VF fresh MUH. SG 224b, ACSC 269za cat $450. (P)SOLD at A$230

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1905-06 QV Large Chalon £1 deep green, lithographed, wmk Crown/Q sideways, perf 12. VF fresh MLH, nice original gum. ACSC Q64, SG 224 cat £550. Rare genuine mint. (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1892 QV Tablet 10/- mauve & brown, wmk TAS. Superb fresh M, perfect centring. SG 224 cat £190+. (P)AVAILABLE at A$110

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1901 Federation Presentation set for Members of Parliaments inc QV sideface 3d, 8d, perf 14 & 9d, all wmk TAS, 1892-99 QV Tablet ½d to 10/-, wmk TAS & 1899-1900 Pictorials ½d-6d, wmk Mult TAS. VF CTO with MUH gum, odd blemish. SG 161, 227, 158, 216-224, 229-236 cat £306+ plus premium for rare CTO set. (20). (P)SOLD at A$250

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1900 REVENUE opt Platypus 2d brown collection of blks strips, prs & singles inc marginal Plate 8 strip of 3, Plate 1 blk of 6 with 'PENOE' variety, Plate 1 blk of 31, blk of 12 with variety grossly shifted value. Also range of shades Most F-VF M/MUH. Bft 21, Elsmore cat $1500+ Interesting lot for specialist. (224).SOLD at A$300

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1939 Bulolo Airmail 10/- pink. VF MUH. SG 224 cat £600. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1939 Bulolo Airmail 10/- pink. VF MLH. SG 224 cat £600. Key stamp of set. (P)SOLD at A$150

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1890-93 Portrait set 1c-90c, no cnr triangles, plus 2c shade, imperf Plate Proofs on card. Superb UN as made, all 4 margins. Sc 219-29P4 cat US$750+, SG 224-34(p) cat £1800 as normals. (12) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500