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Indonesia: 1945-49 Provisional Period Specialist collection in Schaubek album. These were special issues by the emerging Indonesian Republicans after WWII. Sumatra 1945 'Rep Indonesia' opt Netherlands Indies Queen & Pic set to 10G, opts in red, violet & black. Also 1945 Japan Occ Pic to 1R, h/s Rep Indonesia. 1945 Postage Due set to 1G, h/s Rep Indonesia or native script. 1946 PTT INDONESIA in circles opt Netherlands Indies set to 2G opts in black, violet & magenta plus Japan Occ vals to 1R, opt with circular type. Also circular opts on Japan Def vals to 1Y. Repoeblik Indonesia 1945-46 ORIGINAL h/s on Netherlands Indies Queen & Pic vals to 1G plus Japan Occ Pic vals to 50c. Range of 1945-46 Repoeblik Indonesia opt Netherlands Indies vals to 1R. 1945-46 Pic vals to 40S plus Surch vals to 5R. 1949 Japan Fiscals opt NRI set. 1946 1 Year Anniv blks of 4 to 40S with special Commem cds across all 4 stamps. 1945 Republic Indonesia opt Pic sets with opts in red & black. Also Pic horiz prs vals to 7½c with boxed red h/s. Java 1945-47 Pic vals to 80S. 1946 Pic Def set to 1000S perf & imperf. Plus 5 imperf gutter blk of 4, error printed both sides. Range of covers & postcards inc 1946 1 Year Commem postcard with special cds. Also Specialist Catalogue of 1945-49 Provisional Issues by Leo B Vosse with colour illustrations/ Mostly VF M/U. Unusual, well annotated & detailed collection of this period with rare items. (450 + 9 covers/cards) (P)SOLD at A$1400