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Lithuania: 1941 Occup opts with 3-line opt 'Nepriklausoma Lietuva' set MUH (Mi cat €200), 5k-80k on cover (€220 as loose stamps), plus 60k transposed opt (€500). Vilnius opts to 60k & set to 1R on Registered Express cover (€1500) with Krischke photo cert. Alsedziai opts set 2k-1R last 2 on pieces with clear 'Alsedziai 23.8.41' cds (€18,300) but no certs. Panevezys opts 6 diff. Raseiniai opt type I & II set, plus 4 diff se-tenant prs (€250) & type III set inc inverted opt 15k & opt large Pictorials 3 diff (€260). Rokiskis red opt set CTO (€540). Telsai opts inc 5k-60k type I+III se-tenant opt prs on pieces (€840+), 80k type I & III MUH (€560), 1R type II MUH & III on piece (€550+), Zarasai black opts to 60k & red opts to 50k with various opt types & varieties CTO (€3000+), plus UN printed official envelope bilingual Lithuanian & Hebrew, Ostland opts on covers (6) all with Tauroggen Dienstpost 1944 cds inc regist, plus regist official Kauen to Vienna. Mostly VF M/MUH/U. Mi cat €27,000+ = A$45,000+, plus the last 7 covers. Impressive & valuable collection. (95, 9 covers) (P)SOLD at A$1350