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Kangaroos: 1d red 500, 6d blue, 9d violet, 1/- green & 3d olive, 100 of ea. All unchecked in 1960s sealed bundles of 100. (900)SOLD at A$250

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British Commonwealth on stockcards (100+) with mainly better MUH/M/FU sets, singles, total cat val SG £27060+ = A$5250. Some highlights are AAT dec Defs MUH cat £45, Falklands SG A1-8 MUH cat £27, SG 231/9, 281/5 MUH cat £33, SG 701/12 Defs MUH cat £49, sets MUH inc Birds, Ships etc cat £163, Solomon Islands 1968 Def MUH cat £25, 1939 sets FU £60, Fiji 5d Blue Canes M cat £42 1950, 1968 Defs set MUH £90, GB 1963 Phosphor set M cat £45, Norfolk Is 1953 Defs MUH cat £35, PNG Postal Charges M £33, British Antarctic Terr set MUH 388/397 plus Treaty set £62 SG 123/138 MUH (2 sets cat £46). 2008 Ships with MS MUH cat £71. Misc better sets MUH cat £70, Cook Islands 1967 Defs MUH cat £23. A wonderful lot for reselling, small auction lots, collection builder. Value plus lot.SOLD at A$500

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1942-50 KGVI 3½d blue specialist group with varieties inc 'white face' blk of 4, thin paper blk of 4, imprint blk of 4, across gutter blk of 30 etc. VF M/MUH. SG 207. ACSC 231/a/c/zg cat $1400. (53)AVAILABLE at A$325

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1942-50 KGVI 3½d blue THIN PAPER left cnr imprint blk of 4. F-VF fresh 3M/1MLH. SG 207(var), ACSC 231a/zg cat $350++ as singles. (P)AVAILABLE at A$110