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Kiloware: $1 Pics/Commems to 2019, close-clip single paper. Weight 5.45kg. Unchecked as received from Mary McKillop Missions.SOLD at A$1500

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1890 'POSTAGE Five Cents REVENUE' opt QV 15c olive-green, error opt INVERTED. VF MLH. SG 233a cat £65. (P)SOLD at A$50

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1922-23 KGV 2d Grey Die II imperf Plate Proof on wmk 'se' paper of Ireland. VF fresh MUH, diag m/s printer's cancelling line at LR. SG 233(p) mentioned in footnote but unpriced. Rare, only 1 sheet recorded. (P)SOLD at A$325

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1904-06 KEVII set ½d to 10/-, wmk mult crown, plus ½d, 2d, 3d & 6d chalky paper. VF M/MLH. SG 54-63 cat £233. (14) (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1893 Columbus 4c ultramarine, imperf Plate Proof on card. Superb UN as made, 4 margins. Sc 233P4 cat US$70, SG 238(p).SOLD at A$50

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1918-73 Impressive collection in 3 albums & on pgs. Inc issues for Bosnia & Herzegovina 1918 opts set M, 1919 opts SG 29-46 M/MLH. 1919 Newspaper 2h/6h, 2h/10h (2) SG 50, 51 (2). Issues for Croatia/1918 opt SG 53-73 set, plus overprint varieties M, 1918 Coronation pr set M, 1918 Postage Due set M 12f MUH & another set M inc 50f MUH & set M also 1f error inverted & unlisted 6f, 1918 'Freedom of Croatia'. 1921 Postage Dues 10Pa maroon error of colour SG D190a MLH. 1922-24 surch Soldiers Fund 15p error '9 din for 8 din' MUH (with Ministry of Posts control guarantee h/s in margin) SG 186a cat £425++.1926 King Alex set SG 209-20, 1926 'Daube Food Fund' set SG 221-32, 1928 Charity opt SG 233-42, 1931 King Alex set, 1933 King Alex opt 'Yugoslavia' set MLH, 1933 opt on Postage Due 50p opt INVERTED, 1945 Constitutional Assembly set MUH & set in pr & M/sheet pr MUH, 1949 Railway Cent M/sheet perf & imperf & both M/sheet U on piece, 1920 Chess set MUH & set U, 1950 Harvester Defs MUH, 1951 Air set MUH, 1951 Air set MUH, 1951 50D 'Parachute' opt & set, 1952 Olympics set MUH & set U, 1953 10th Anniv of Istria MUH & U, 1953 Esperanto set MUH & 300D Esperanto U, 1956 Olympics 2 sets & set U, 1956 Art set MUH & set U, 1961 20th Anniv M/sheet MUH, 1962 Tito Birthday M/sheet MUH & many others inc a few covers. Largely VF. SG cat £10,000+ = A$18,000+ plus numerous unlisted items & varieties. Valuable collection. (2000+, 16 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1700