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Poland: 1939-44 Collection with 1939 opt Hindenburg set, 1940 long opt Pictorials & Dues sets M (Mi cat €60), Long Official set & all others inc 1941 Cracow 10zl sheetlet (€80), 1941-44 Hitler imperfs (15 prs), 1943 Hitler Birthday set in full sheets (€225), opt Copernicus sheetlets with 2 diff plate numbers (€50), 1944 Birthday set in sheets, 1944 Culture Funds set in imprint blks of 8 & Cracow 10+10zl sheetlets perf plate 4 M (€160), & imperf plate 3 MUH (€250). Also Ration Coon stamps in blue or red with strips of 10 for ea colour with a range of diff items they can be used for, also larger orange types in 2 strips of 5, plus a single large size of diff design for sugar. Also Radio Licence Fee imperf blks of 4 proof in carmine & as issued in red (€370) -both horiz crease, plus 1940 Cigarette Revenue. Finally Exiled Govt comp (€160). Mostly F-VF MUH. Mi cat €1670++, plus Bft £400++, plus the ration stamps. Valuable & interesting lot. (252 + 11 M/S or sheets) (P)AVAILABLE at A$600