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Croatia: 1941-45 MUH collection in s/book almost comp inc 1941 opt Yugoslavia King set to 3VD. 1941 opt Brod Exhib set with tabs. 1941-42 Pictoial set to 100k, plus tete beche prs to 50k. 1942 Aviation M/S perf & imperf, plus stamps from both M/S, 1942 Youth Fund set blks of 8 with tabs, plus M/S perf & imperf, plus tamps from both M/S, 1943 President M/S perf & imperf also, plus tamps fromboth M/S, 1943 Legion Fund set perf & imperf, plus M/S perf & imperf. 1943 Zagreb M/S. 1943-44 President set to 100k. 1945 Post Officials M/S etc, as well as most other issues with tabs also. Superb fresh MUH, all selected nice quality. Mi cat €700++. SG cat £640++ for M, should be at least doeuble £1280 MUH. Beautiful collection that only needs 2 sets + 1 M/S for completion. (295 + 11MS).AVAILABLE at A$400