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Australia - Victoria - Provincial Tramways of the State Electricity Commission, a short history of the Newspaper & parcel tickets 1937-1972. By Hayes, 10 pg monograph pub 1983.AVAILABLE at A$15

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2004 Innovations 50c se-tenant strip of 5, comp sheet of 50. Fresh MUH. SG 2381-85, FV $25.AVAILABLE at A$20

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1894-1906 QV & GPO selection inc QV 2½d violet-blue & 5d purple brown, perf 15, 2½d violet blue, 2½d indigo & 5d brown-purple, perf 13, 2½d indigo & 5d dull purple, perf 12x11½, GPO ½d perf 13 & ½d perf 12x11½. F-VF fresh M/MLH. SG 234-235, 236-238, 239-240, 241-242 cat £228. (9).AVAILABLE at A$130

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1894-1906 QV Kangaroo 2½d, 3 shades plus QV Shield 5d both shades, wmk Crown /SA, perf 13. F-VF fresh M/MLH. SG 236-238 cat £100. (5)AVAILABLE at A$50

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1894-1906 QV Kangaroo 2½d violet-blue, 2½d indigo & QV Shield 5d purple, wmk Crown /SA, perf 13. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 236-238 cat £70. (3)AVAILABLE at A$40

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1937-38 KGVI Pictorial set 1c-$1. VF M/MLH, mostly fresh. SG 357-367 cat £180. Unitrade 238-245 cat C$240.AVAILABLE at A$50

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1967-68 'W' Series selection inc W1, Mao Thoughts set of 2 se-tenant strips & single. W2 labour Day & Our Great Teacher set 4f-40f. W3 Mao Literature & Art 8f set. Also W7-1 Mao Poem 8f, W7-2 Fairy Cave 8f & W7-3 Double Ninth Poem. W6 18th Anniv set. F-VF U/CTO, all mounted on 'set' cards with some tropicalisaton. W2, W3, W6, W7-1, 2, 3. SG 2343, 2344A, 2349A, 2354-61, 2367-69, 2374-2375, 2383 cat £1670. (27)SOLD at A$900

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1902-10 KEVII 4d deep green & chocolate-brown on chalk-surfaced paper, DLR printing, opt CANCELLED (SG type 18) being special specimen ex DLR archives. Superb fresh M. SG 238(s)(var). SG Spec M24S cat £1800. Major rarity as only several recorded. 2021 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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1938 covers franked Stamp Duty 5c green singles (3), or strips of 3 (2), with other stamps inc pr with KGV 20c, singles with KGV 10c & Coronation 15s. Pr with KGV 4c & Coronation 15c. All with Hong Kong JAN 1938 cds various dates, inc Registered (2). SG F1 cat £238++ as loose single Stamp Duty stamps alone (£17 ea) & 'from x4' on cover, plus the other stamps & unusual usages = £950+. (8) (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1939 Air Transatlantic 30c blue, top marginal plate F22383 blk of 6. VF fresh MUH. Sc C24 cat US$120, SG A852.AVAILABLE at A$35