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China POs: 1886-1919 Collection inc 1886-1901 Precursors selection of German stamps with China pmks inc Numeral 2Mk vert pr & stamp, plus pr on piece with Eagle 10pf, 25pf & 50pf. 1886 Embossed Eagle 20pf & 50pf prs. 1888-91 Eagle to 50pf. 1898 opt Eagle 5pf to 50pf, 48 degree angle & set to 50pf, 56 degree angle. Boxer Rebellion 1898 opt Eagle 25pf (2) with Field Post pmks, plus Reichpost 10pf & 20pf. Also Kiautschou Yacht 5pf & 20pf with 'Peking' cds & Picture Postcard with Fieldpost Station pmks. 1900-01 Tientsin Provisional 'China' opts h/s Reichspost 3pf, 5pf, 10pf, 10pf, 20pf & 50pf, all genuine, the 20pf with Buhler photo cert & the 80pf with 2011 Ceremuga photo cert. 1901-04 Reichpost set to 5Mk, all U on piece (SG cat £700), plus to 5Mk M. 1905 opt Germania set to $2½ on 5Mk U (£650), no wmk. 1905-19 set to $2½ on 5Mk U (£650), wmk lozenges. Mostly VF M/U. SG cat £29,000+ = A$56,000+. Valuable & impressive collection.(320 + 3 postcards). (P)SOLD at A$5000