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Revenues: Betting Tax Tickets (8) with 1960s NSW 1c red, S Aust ½d brown & 7d green, Tasmania 2c green, Victoria 1c blue & 2c brown (plus another four 2c cut-outs) & WA blue 'Stamp Duty Paid' (2). Also QLD blue or pink plain bookmakers tickets, sl later era. All F-VF condition. (14 items).AVAILABLE at A$150

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1893 Columbus $3 yellow-green, imperf proof on card. Superb UN as made, 4 margins. Sc 243PU cat US$225+, SG 248(p) cat £1800 as normal. (P)SOLD at A$250

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1989 UPU Congress 25c blk of 4, error recess deep blue USA & values OMITTED. VF fresh MUH. Plus normals to compare. SG 2418ab cat £400+. Sc 2437b cat US$325+. (P)SOLD at A$240

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1990 'Love' birds & heart 25c booklet horiz strip of 3, error 'bright pink heart OMITTED at right, & patchy on middle stamp. VF fresh MUH. SG 2430b cat £100+. Sc 2441b cat US$85++ for missing pink, plus large premium for se-tenant strip. (P)SOLD at A$100

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1990 'Love' birds & heart 25c booklet stamp, 'bright pink heart OMITTED' VF fresh MUH. Plus normal to compare. SG 2430b cat £100. Sc 2441b cat US$85+.SOLD at A$50

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1990 Beach Umbrella 15c booklet stamp, error blue (USA & value) OMITTED. VF fresh MUH. Normal to compare. SG 2433b cat £150. Sc 2443b cat US$115. (P)SOLD at A$70

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1929-86 comp Mint collection in 2 Bolaffi hingeless albums with slip cases. 1929 Arms & Pope set to 10L (SG cat £120). 1933 Holy Year set, 1933 Pope Pic set to 20l (£1800. 1934 Provisional Surch set to 3L70 on 10L (£1700). 1935 Congress set (£275). 1936 Exhib set (£130). 1936 Congress set, 1939 Sede Vacante opt set, 1949 Pope Pic set to 100L (£150). 1952 Stamp Centenary M/S (£450). 1953 Lombard 100L. Airmails inc 1938 set to 10L, 1947 set to 100L. 1948 250L & 500L (£1070), 1949 UPU set (£243). 1951 Gratian set (£550). 1953-60 set to 1000L (£200+). Parcel Post inc 1931 opt Pope & Arms set to 10L. Postage Dues 1931 opt Pope & Arms set. VF M/MUH, almost all post 1950 being MUH. SG cat £6900+ = A$12,500+. Sass cat €7300+ = A$11,500+. (970 + 10M/S) (P)SOLD at A$1100