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1850-1970s: Collection on accumulation in s/books & pgs. Russia & Area inc 1858-75 Arms inc 10K with perfs & wmks, 20k & 30k. 1875 Arms set to 20k. 1889-1917 Arms range to 7R inc 70k imperf sheetlet. 1913 Tercent set to 5k. Russian Levant 1870s-1913 selection inc Town opts with Rizeh, Jaffa, Mt Athos & Jerusalem. Range of Civil War issues 1917-20 inc Siberia, South Russia, Georgia & Azerbaijan. Vatican 1929-70s Mint collection in s/book with range of Commems & Defs, mostly M. Luxemburg 1850s -1920s selection inc Officials. Belgian Congo & Ruanda-Urundi selection 1887-1930s selection of Propaganda labels 1890s-1940s inc USA, Australia, Germany with WWI & II Labels, Christmas & Health labels. USA selection on pgs 1890s-1980s inc Airmails range of PPCs. 1900s-20s with GB, Russia, France & German issues. Israel 1950s-80s Range of FDCs. Also selection of 1850s-1970s World in envelopes. Mostly F-VF M/U. SG cat £2300+ = A$4200+. (1600 + 100+ cvrs/p/cards).SOLD at A$275

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Carolines: 1897-1910 collection inc 1899-1900 opts on Germany 48 deg 20pf, 56 deg opt set & 3pf-50pf with extra 5pf, 10pf & 20pf, 1901-10 Yachts no wmk set 3pf-5Mk, extra 3pf, 10pf, 30pf, 1Mk & 5Mk. Mostly F-VF U. SG between ex4-25 cat £2440. (28) (P)AVAILABLE at A$575

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1919 Peace set 1½s-10s, plus 1927 UPU set 1½s-10s. VF MLH/MUH. SG 192-95 & 244-7 cat £248 for M. Sak C18-21 & C42-45 cat Y71,000. (8). (P)SOLD at A$130

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1922 Registered cover (folds away from stamps) franked Malaya-Borneo opt 1c with variety 'raised stop', 2c wmk script, 4c wmk crown CA with 'small 2nd A in Malaya' & 'missing stop', 5c Die I 'oval 1st O in Borneo', 8c 'small 2nd A in Malaya', 10c, 25c 'raised stop' & 45c with unlisted broken R & raised 'IBITION', tied by 'Penang Pitt St 6 AP 1922' cds with provisional reg label. To Tanjong Rambutan with arrival b/s, plus Penang & Ipoh transit cds. SG 250c, 251, 242d, 243b, 244d, 254m 245c & 246(var) cat £358+ as loose stamps & 'from x15' on cover. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1925 Arms Surch set 3c on 4c - 15c on 20c, opt SPECIMEN diag. VF M. SG 242s-244s cat £100. (3). (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1873 War Dept set 1c-90c rose. LARGE DIE PROOFS on India paper (mostly about 62x76mm), removed from card. Mostly VF fresh UN as made. SG O261-71(p) -normal cat £2250. Sc O83P1-93P1 cat US$880 (normal cat US$2445). Rare & attractive (11) (P)AVAILABLE at A$450

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1893 Columbus 30c brown-orange, imperf plate proof on card. Superb UN as made, 4 margins. Sc 239PU cat US$100. SG 244(p), cat £275 as normal. (P)AVAILABLE at A$90

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1893 Columbus $4 bright carmine imperf Plate Proof on card. Superb UN as made, 4 margins. Sc 244PU cat US$275. SG 249(p), cat £2500 as normal. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250