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Italy & States Classics 1850-1900 Sassone 2017 Specialised catalogue inc prices for various frankings on covers, multiples, shades, varieties, perfs, wmks, Postal Stationery plus Officials, Postage Dues, used in San Marino, Levant etc. 375pgs with cloth hardcover, looks new. Invaluable reference for the specialist.SOLD at A$100

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2003 Bloom $100 'Cheque book' of 20 x $5 philatelic barcode. VF MUH. FV $100. SG SB160(var) cat £70+. Pfr B253 cat $160 -both as 20 single bklts.AVAILABLE at A$80

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1888-89 Centenary 1d lilac bottom marginal blk of 5, with 'CP' & part 'GPrO NSW' monograms, perf 11x12. F-VF M/MLH, sl imperfections. SG 253 cat £75+, plus premium for monogram blk.AVAILABLE at A$50

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Postmarks: 1st Allocation Numeral 12 of Brighton (RRRR) bold strike on 1853 QV Courier 4d orange (cut to shape). 2nd Allocation Numeral Cancels 248 (RRR) & 253 (RRRR) comp strikes on QV 2d. Cds (6) inc Chief Telegraph Office, Egg Lagoon, Kamona, Nile & TML Ry No 2. Also Cygnet 1980 Specimen strikes of all the PO implements on Official Stationery inc 'Paid' cds, 'POSTMASTER' cachet, boxed 'Cygnet Tas 7112' cachet & 2 diff cds.AVAILABLE at A$120

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1938-47 Seahorses 4d black perf 14 variety 'curved line at UR'. VF MLH. SG 253db cat £200. (P)AVAILABLE at A$50

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Togo: 1915 cover franked thin opt Yacht 10/5pf horiz pr (opt type 1), plus 10/5pf vertical bisect left half (opt type II), tied by 4 strikes 'Anecho Togo 23.1.15' cds, to Dahomey with 'Cotonou 26 Janv 15' & 'Porto-Novo 27 Janv 15' arrival b/s. F-VF fresh. Maury 2II cat €8000+, Mi 2H cat €10,000. Very rare provisional usage due to shortage of 5pf stamps at Anecho. We sold a similar bisect cover for $5700 in our auction 253. Exp Calves, plus 2013 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3500

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1950 Currency Revaluation 'GROSZY' black opt type 3 of Katowice & Krakow on 1948 Roosevelt M/Sheet (reduced margins) with opt on ea stamp, plus set 80g-120g all tied to reg cover by 'Krakow 5 1 52' cds. To USA. SG 465a - MS465d(var) cat £1040 -both for normal opt M/S, should be double, £2080. Mi 617-19 & Blk A11 cat €2530, plus should be double, on cover £4160 or €5060. Rarity! 2019 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1913-19 KGV Admiral 10/- brown-lake & light green Die II, perf 15. VF fresh M. SG 253 cat £225. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1930 Spanish-American Exhibition set 1c-10P, plus 10P engraved & 20c Express. VF fresh MLH. Ed 566-82 cat €200. SG 627-E643 cat £253. (17). (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Rio de Oro: 1907-08 '1908 2 CENS' opt Curly Head 2P dull orange & '1907 10 Cens' opt Curly Head 50c green & 75c violet. VF fresh M. Sc 34-36 cat US$253. SG 34-36 cat £385. Ed 34-36 cat €435. Rare set. (3). (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1965-67 QEII Ships set ½d-£1 locally h/s small SPECIMEN, 10x1¼mm, mounted on a card 253x125mm (4½d hidden behind the 10/- which is on a fold over flap), the 10/- QEII likewise behind the 4d, the later 1967 values 4d, 10/- & £1 with large SPECIMEN h/s, the card endorsed '42/11 per set'. VF UN. SG 71-84b(s). Ex Tristan PO display & absolutely UNIQUE specialist item. 2016 Ceremuga photo cert. (17) (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000