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1971-80 MUH variety blks collection in album inc 1971 Years control of 6 with E flaw, 1972 Health 2½p pr, missing perf. 1972 Europa 6p blk, extra stroke on 'E'. 1972 Olympics 3p & 6p blks with spot in ring. 1972 Christmas blk 2½p-12p line on palm & line on margin. 1971 Syringe 4p, line in background. 1971 Europa 4p & 6p, round dot variety. 1972 50th Anniv 6p broken Island variety, plus m/s with re-touched 'E', 1973 EU 6p with colour spot. 1973 Air 5p with colour spot, 1973 Meteorology 3½p & 12p, thin line & spot off Scotland. 1976 Larkin 7p & 11p, broken frame, 1974-80 Def pic 8p, 9p, 10p & £1 with various varieties. 1971 Postage Due to 8p ea with a diff variety. VF fresh MUH. Hibernian cat €500+. (45 blks)AVAILABLE at A$130