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Estonia: 1918-40 Specialised Used Collection in s/book. 1918-19 1st Issue set inc blks, shades & pmks. Noted in 15k perf & rouletted, 35p inc scarce grey shades, plus rouletted. 1919-20 Numeral & Pictorial to 25Mk imperf, plus 1922 15Mk & 25Mk perf. 1922-25 Def set to 20M, perf, 1923-24 Map set 100Mk & 300Mk. 1928-35 Lions Arms to 80s. 1921-22 Red Cross set perf & imperf, plus 1926 Surch set perf. 1924-27 Pictorial set to 70Mk. 1922 War Fund set inc blks of 4. 1923 Air opt 10Mk-45Mk in imperf Tete-beche prs, plus 15Mk on 5Mk imperf Tete-beche pr. 1930 Surch set 1Kr-3Kr, 1924-25 Air Triangle set, perf & imperf. 1936-40 President Def set to 60c. Good coverage of Charities & Commems inc 1938 Society M/S, 1939 Parnu M/S, plus 1938 & 1939 Charity M/S. Extras inc shades & pmks, so careful sorting will certainly reveal lots of better pmks. Mostly VFU, overall condition much above average with M/Sheets all superb. Mi cat €4600+, SG cat £4800+ = A$8600+. Excellent condition. (1200 + 4 M/S)SOLD at A$800