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Kiloware: 45c-65c Pics/Commems on close-clip single paper. Weight 8kg. Unchecked as received from Mary MacKillop Mission.SOLD at A$1250

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2010 AFL Folder set of 16 ea with 2 diff 'Player Profile' $5.50 M/Sheets. Total FV $176, PO issue cost $255. All fresh MUH. Only the second we have offered.AVAILABLE at A$120

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1950-70s Europa Mint collection in binder. Good range inc the better Luxembourg 1950 'Promote United Europe' set to 4Fr (SG cat £400), 1956 set to 4Fr (£650) & 1957 set to 4Fr (£?255). Cyprus inc 1963 both sets. Liechtenstein 1960 50R (£130). Portugal 1965-70 sets to 4E30. Andorra range of sets. Most F-VF M/MUH. SG cat £4900+ = A$8900+ (1600+, 40M/S).AVAILABLE at A$425

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1947 reissued date FDC franked set ½d to 5/- thick paper tied by 'Aust Army PO 241 8 MY 47' FDI cds, variety 'wrong font G' on ½d, 6d & 1/-. SG J1-7 inc J1a & J5a cat £1200+ as loose stamps, ACSC J7y cat $1500 for FDC, plus extra for varieties J1h, 4h & 5h another $1055 = $2555+. Almost certainly unique combination. 2000 RPSL photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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New Caledonia: 1945 Kogu Bird Surch 1Fr20 on 5c, 2Fr40 on 25c & 4Fr50 on 25c, horiz prs, opt colour trial proof opts in BLACK, with 1Fr20/5c being UNISSUED as such (instead of RED opt). Superb fresh M, all affixed on pieces from De La Rue archive pgs. SG 294, 295 & 297(p). Yv 249, 253 & 255(p). Unique item for specialists. 2023 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (6) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1934-41 Charity & Hitler booklet se-tenants Mint collection inc from booklet sheets, inc extras, with Wagner 13 diff combinations, unfortunately some stuck to page (Mi cat €760), 1934 Workers with 2 panes & all combinations (€525), again some stuck, 1935 Costumes comp inc panes (€255), 1936 Olympics comp but only 1 pane, 1936 Buildings comp in 2 panes (€169), 1937 Ships then all comp to 1940 Buildings with all panes & combinations (€637). Then Hitler with all panes & missing only 2 combinations (€266). Some stuck, only a minority, some others with sl adhesion marks, generally VF M/MUH with overall good appearance. Mi cat €2600+. (580 stamps inc 22 panes)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1892-94 opt issue pmks: British transit/arrival, mostly 'Paid Liverpool Br Packet' (7), barred ovals (5) etc, to 1/- (2). F-VF U. SG 1-6 cat £255+, plus premium for rare usages. (15) (P)AVAILABLE at A$80

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Burutu: 1898-99 use of GB QV ½d orange & 1d lilac piece, plus envelope piece, both with type 4 rectangular h/s 'The Royal Niger Company Chartered & Limited 10 DEC 1897 (or 17 DEC 1898) Post Office Burutu' seriffed pmk. Also QV 2½d (2) tied to piece by same pmk but Burutu sans-serif dated 29 NOV 1897. U, flts. SG Z56, Z57 & Z59 cat £255+ as singles, plus large premium for full strikes on piece. (3 pieces) (P)AVAILABLE at A$60

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1895-96 'Zanzibar' opt QV India ½a blue-green, horiz pr, opt in black, right stamp error 'Zanibar' for 'Zanzibar'. VFU. SG 3/3K cat £1705 as singles, plus premium for se-tenant pr which should be +50% so est cat £2558. Very rare variety & desirable as se-tenant pr. 2009 APS photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000