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British Commonwealth small carton with Australia 1927-80 collection (500) in Seven Seas Illustrated pgs inc 1934 Vic Cent set, 1935 ANZAC 1/-, 1949 Arms to £2, QEII pre-decimals to £1 Bass. Decimals 1966-80 inc Paintings to $10. Some M/MUH in the Decimals, mostly G-FU. Australian States accumulation (260) in s/book GB 1841-54 QV imperf (40, cat £1400) plus 14 others inc 1862 6d violet, 1880 6d grey & 1883 2/6 violet (cat £380). NZ 1980s-90s MUH Pics/Commems set (FV $200). Pitcairn to mid 1990s with 55 Pic/Commem sets inc 1949 UPU M & U decimals to $3 or $5, mostly MUH. Tokelau/Tuvalu Pics/Commems (230) plus assorted M/sheets (30) inc Solomon Is 1985 America's Cup set of 10. Also British Commonwealth 1977 QEII SJ set of 52 FDC in custom-made album & Australia KGV (32) inc single wmk (19) & LM wmk set inc 1d red. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$220

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Cyprus: 1880-1966 Used collection on pgs inc 1880 opt QV GB ½d, 1d (2 plates), 2½d & 4d. 1881 HALF-PENNY opt QV 1d. 1881 QV ½Pi & 1Pi wmk Crown CC. 1882 ½ opt QV ½Pi & 30Pa on 1Pi. 1886 ½ opt ½Pi, both spacings. 1882-86 QV to 12Pi. 1894-96 QV New Colours to 9Pi. 1904-10 KEVII to 9Pi. 1912-15 KGV to 18Pi. 1924-25 KGV to 90Pi. 1928 50th Anniv to 18Pi. 1934 KGV Pic set to 45Pi. 1935 Silver Jubilee set. 1938-51 KGVI Pic set to £1. 1955-60 QEII Pic set to £1. 1960-61 Republic opt to 250M, commem & Def issues to 1966. All diff. Most G-VF U. SG cat £1800+ = A$3500+. (255)AVAILABLE at A$300

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4d Olive Ash Imprint blk of 8 Plate 3 w/o flaw on King's neck. F-VF 4M/4MUH, 1 ink spot on gum, some perf reinforcing in lower margin, right stamp of imprint, nice appearance. ACSC 115(3) cat $2550 ($2100 as stamps alone). Rare imprint. (P)AVAILABLE at A$650

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1924-37 River View set 1c-$1, wmk Mult Script, plus 12c shade. VF M/MLH, sl tropicalised gum on some vals. SG 60-78 cat £255. (20). (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1931 Air 50c green, no wmk, vert pr, error IMPERF BETWEEN. Superb fresh MUH, nice never hinged original gum. Unitrade C7b cat C$2550+ SG 193b cat £1700 for M, should be at least double, £3400 MUH. Very rare & spectacular. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800

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Turkey POs: 1870-1912 Collection inc Forerunners 1870-71 North German Confed 2gr with Constantinople pmk. 1872-99 German Eagles to 5gr, all with Constantinople pmks. 1872-99 Numeral 2Mk, plus 'Pfennige' to 50pf with Constantinople pmks. 1884 opt Eagle set to 2Pi on 50pf. 1889 opt Eagle set to 2½Pi on 50pf. 1900 opt Reichspost set to 25Pi on 5Mk (SG cat £900), plus 5Mk type II. 1902-04 Serif letters opt set to 5Mk. 1905 opt Germania to 15Pi on 3Mk, no wmk & 1905-12 set to 25Pi on 5Mk, wmk (£950). 1908 'Centimes' diag opt Germania set to 100c on 80pf M (£130) & U (£200). Range of 6 covers & postal stationery items inc 1908 Centimes set on Registered cover to Germany. Mostly VF M/U. SG cat £13,000+ = A$23,000+. Impressive & valuable collection. (255 + 6 covers) (P)SOLD at A$1300