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New South Wales: 1950-1912 Used collection/accumulation in thick binder. 1850-51 Sydney View 2d. 1851-53 QV Laureate 1d, plus shades, 2d, plus shades & plates, 3d & 6d (2) no wmk. 1854 QV Laureate 1d, 2d & 3d, wmk numerals, plus shades. 1856-59 QV Registered (6d) imperf shades. 1854-59 QV Diadem to 1/- imperf, plus shades & 1856-60 imperf 1d, 2d & 3d, plus shades. 1860-72 QV Diadem perf range to 1/-, plus shades & perfs. Good coverage of 1860-97 QV Coin 5/- inc shades & perfs. 1871-1902 QV to 1/-, plus wmks, shades & perfs. 1885-86 Postage opt QV Stamp Duty 5/- & 1897-1904 10/- range of shades & perfs. 1888-89 Centenary to 1/-, plus shades. 1890 Map 5/- & Carrington 20/- inc perfs & shades. 1897 Consumptives Home Charity set. 1902-12 QV Pic to 2/6, plus papers, shades & perfs. 1905 Carrington 20/-, wmk Crown/A. 1879-85 OS opt QV range to 1/-, plus perfs & shades. 1888-90 OS opt Centenary to 1/-. Then ranges of ½d-2d with plenty of pmks. Mostly G-VF U, some mixed earlies. SG cat £14,000+ = A$25,000. (2600+) (P)SOLD at A$2100

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6d Chestnut opt OS blk of 4 fresh MUH. SG O33 cat £128 for M, should be at least double, £256 MUH. ACSC 23(OS) cat $500. (4) (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1972 Prime Ministers 70c purple cover, error black OMITTED from front cover, so 'Ten 7c Postage Stamps: $0.70' etc missing, plus normal to compare. SG SB49(var). Pf B137(var) unlisted! ACSC B137c cat $2500 in 2003. Vendor paid $2565 in 2003. Believed to be UNIQUE & is an amazing error. 2019 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100

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1899-1900 QV set 2c-2R25. VFU. SG 256-264 cat £120. (9) (P)SOLD at A$80

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1886-93 QV Cameo 1d aniline-crimson, full sheet of 15, wmk Crown CA. Stamps VF fresh MUH, crease on LR stamp. SG 23a cat £128 for M singles, should be at least double, £256 MUH, plus premium for sheet. (P)SOLD at A$150

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1912-24 KGV 1½d chestnut, horiz pr, right stamp variety 'PENCF for PENCE', wmk Simple Cypher. VF fresh MUH. SG Spec N18(13)e, SG 364/364a cat £128 for M, should be at least double, £256 MUH, plus premium for se-tenant pr. (P)SOLD at A$160

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1922 Malaya-Borneo Exhib opt 3c-50c, (ex 10c), opt SPECIMEN diag pmks, h/s COLONIAS in violet, ex Portuguese Colonial PO Archives. VF UN/MUH, dull gum from interleaving. SG ex 256-275s(var) cat £475 as normal specimen set, plus premium for the rare COLONIAS opts. (P)SOLD at A$300