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1894 Pictorial set 1c-24c h/s thick serifed SPECIMEN (24.5 x 2.5mm) diag. F-VF M. SG 66s-79s. Extremely rare local specimen type. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1918-22 British & other POs in Levant collection GB with Constantinople cds inc KGV Seahorses 2/6, & Smyrna reg oval pmks (4) - total SG cat £120+, then 1921 opt set U to 2/6 (£200), 1921 surch set U (£130). French POs 1921-22 opt set U. Italy 1921 set 1Pi/5c-10Pi/60c U -1Pi M, plus extra 4Pi & 5Pi (£650), plus 1921 Bank of Rome Constantinople cover franked Italy w/o opt tied by 'Posta Militare 22 1 21' cds, plus PPC franked Italy w/o opt tied by 'Constantinople 8 10 21' cds. Poland 1919 Levant opt in dull ink set M (£1400), script opt set M (£50), plus Odessa opt 25f & unissued 'PPC' opts for Polish Post Constantinople (21) & finally Romanian POs (12). F-VF M/U. SG cat £2600, plus unlisted & covers. (100, +4 covers/cards). (P)SOLD at A$275

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Ex-dealer's display stock in binder inc Philippines 1985 Horses M/Sheet (10, SG cat £220), 1978 Capex M/S perf & imperf (20 ea £2600), plus Airmail & FFC (13, marked retail $1320) 1928-41 mostly internal flights & some other covers inc 1942 Red Cross FDC. Then Indonesia inc 1982 Soccer World Cup stamp & M/S, plus Italy opt in black & red (3 M/S cat £275, Indonesia cat R4,000,000 = A$400) -Mi cat another €80 for 2 opt singles, Thomas Cup & Philex France M/S & singles opt in black & red (3 M/S -R1,550,000 = A$155) plus the singles, 1998 Indonesia 2000 Gemstones 2nd issue 2 diff numbered M/S (10 of ea, R750,000), 1997 SE Asia Games in 2 M/S of 16. Also some West Irian & Riau opts & sets. VF MUH/U. SG cat of a couple of times only is £3100. Total marked retail $2500+, but cat value of many greatly increased since pricing. Total cat A$7000+, plus $13,000+ for airmail covers. (200 stamps, 78 M/S, 18 covers).AVAILABLE at A$300

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Netherlands Colonies: 1864-1960s collection in s/book inc Netherlands Indies 1864 King 10c imperf. 1870-88 King vals to 2.50G. 1883-97 Princess & Numerals to 2.50G. 1900 Surch to 2.50G. 1902-09 Queen vals to 2½G. 1912-20 Queen & Numeral vals to 2½G. 1923 Silver Jubilee set to 5G M (SG cat £275). 1933-37 Queen vals to 2.50G. 1941 Queen Def vals to 25G. 1948 Queen Def vals to 25G. 1948-49 Indonesia opt vals to 25G. Curacao 1873-92 King vals to 2.50G. 1892-96 Princess vals to 30c. 1895 Surch h/s 2½c on 10c & 2½c on 30c. 1901-02 Queen surch to 1.50G. Netherlands Antilles 1940s-50s Mint range of Commems. Suriname from 1873 inc 1913-39 Postage Dues to 75c. 1951 Queen Def to 1G. 1950s & 60s Commems appear comp M. Netherlands New Guinea 1949-52 Queen & Numeral set to 5G. UNTEA 1962 opt set to 5G. 1950s Commems appear comp. F-VF M/U. SG cat £2600+ = A$5000+. (1200)SOLD at A$300

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Romania: 1862-1900 classic accumulation inc 1862-64 Arms 3P U, 6P & 30P inc printings & shades. 1865 Prince Cuza 2P, 5P & 20P. 1866-67 Prince carol 2P, 5P & 20P. 1868-70 Prince Carol vals to 18b. 1869 Prince no beard vals to 50b & 1871-72 Prince with beard 5b & 10b imperf & 25P perf. 1872-80 Prince vals to 50b plus shades & perfs & 1880 15b & 25b. 1895-88 King to 50b. 1893-99 King to 2L. 1881-85 Postage Due vals to 25b & 1887-98 Postage Due vals to 30b. PO in Turkey 1896 King h/s 10pa, 20P & 1Pi. Mostly G-VF M/U, mixed in parts. SG cat £2600+ = A$5000+. (900)SOLD at A$120

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1d Green MUH varieties (25) with single wmk 'Ferns' & RA joined part imprint blks of 4 (ACSC cat $280). Then Neck flaw, 'Dot before 1' & RA joined (2 of ea, inc 4 prs, $400). SM wmk perf 14 'Neck flaw' (2, $500) & Dot before 1 (2, $150), plus Die II (2) inc Die I-II pr. All fresh MUH. Total ACSC cat $1480 as M, should be at least 150% premium $2200 MUH, plus single wmk, No wmk, LM wmk & SM wmk (both) MUH blks of 4 ($420). Useful research collection inc subtle shade variations. Total ACSC cat $2600. (45)AVAILABLE at A$325

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2d Red perf OS wmk INVERTED. Superb fresh MUH. W/C with pristine never hinged original gum. ACSC 96Cab cat $2750. SG O72w cat £1300 for M, should be at least double, £2600 MUH. 2020 Ceremuga AIEP photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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2d Bright rose-scarlet perf OS wmk INVERTED. F MUH. SG O72w cat £1300 for M, should be at least double, £2600 MUH. ACSC 96Cab cat $2750. 2020 Ceremuga AIEP photo-cert (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Russia, Ostland & Ukraine: 1941-44 inc 1941 'Ostland' opt Hitler set to 80pf M & U, plus various of the set. Russian Occup in 1941 Pleskau Locals with Pic 20k & 50k, plus h/s 'Pleskau 20 Kop' on Soviet 3k. Luga Local 1941 Surch Soviet to 50k. Ukraine 1941 opt Hitler set to 80pf M & U, plus set on 2 covers with ornate Swastika cancels. Also Germany 12pf Hitler used on Official cover to Germany with Alexandria violet s/l cancel & another Registered Official cover with Ukraine opt Hitler 3pf & 12pf (3) pmk 'Dniepropetrowsk 28.1.43'. VF MUH/U. Mi cat €2600+ = A$4000+. (86 + 14 covers) (P)SOLD at A$250

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Albania: 1939-43 MUH collection inc 1939 'Mbledhja Kushtetuese' opt set to 5Fr, plus Airmails, 1940 'Regno d'Albania Mbretnia Shqiptare' very rare unissued opts on Italy special printings 1q/5c dark brown (€1300), 5q/25c yellow-green (cat €2600). 1939-40 King Pic set to 5Fr plus Airmail 20q MUH. 1940 Postage Due to 50q (€1125). 1942 3rd Anniv set to 2Fr. 1940 Airmail Pic set to 3Fr. All diff. VF MUH, mostly very fresh. Sass cat €8000+ = A$13,000+. Unusually nice collection of a rarely offered area. (61) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800