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1861 Inwards covers from GB franked QV 6d (SG 70), 2nd franked 1d, 2d plate 8 & 6d (SG 40?, 45 & 70), all tied by '287' barred pmks. To same person in Sydney, each b/s 'Port Glasgow', London & 'Ship Letter Sydney'. SG cat £534+ for such frankings. (2).AVAILABLE at A$250

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German States - Schleswig Holstein: 1864-67 Collection. 1864 Numeral 1¼s both small & large lettering. 1864 Numeral 1¼s, rouletted. issues for Schleswig-Holstein 1865 Numeral Oval to 4s. Issues for Schleswig. 1864-65 Oval Numeral to 4s. Issues for Holstein. 1865 Oval Numerals to 4s & 1865 1½s & 2s. All diff. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U, some mixed condition. SG cat £2650+ = A$5000+. (24).AVAILABLE at A$250

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Poland: 1950 Currency Revaluation 'GROSZY', 'Groszy' & groszy' opts comp basic collection of diff issues as listed in Michel with Airmail surch set (40z) on 40z on 50gr - (50) on 50z on 25gr. Culture Fund set to 20z perf & imperf, plus New Colours perf & imperf. TB set with tabs inc all 10 diff types of tabs. 1948 Roosevelt Airmail set, 1948 President set. 1948 Culture Fund M/S, 1948 Roosevelt M/S. 1948 Roosevelt Air set with tabs. All diff. Mi cat €2650+ = A$4400+ & undercatalogued as rarely offered. SG cat £1500 as normals & with opt should be double, so £3000. Interesting collection. (162 + 2 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1940-41 surch 'Peace' 1F/1F25 carmine error horiz pr, right stamp opt OMITTED, so resulting in setenant stamps of diff denominations. F-VF fresh MUH. SG 679(var), Yv 483(var), Maury 483h cat €2650. Very rare & spectacular. 2001 vd Weid SBPV photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$750