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Victoria: MUH selection 1886-1913 inc 1886-96 'Victoria' 1/6 blue (SG cat £200). 1897 QV Charity set 1d & 2½d (£158). 1901-11 QV Postage ½d pr, 1½d, 2d, 2½d, 3d, 6d & 5/-. 1901 QV No Postage 2d. 1912 Surch One Penny on 2d. F-VF fresh MUH. SG cat £475+ for M, should be at least double, £950 MUH. Rarely seen MUH. (12) (P)SOLD at A$275

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RSPC Circuit Sheets. Attractive array of 40 sheets with pmks, Postal History, Cinderellas, stamps inc Colonies, Aust Commonwealth, British Empire & Foreign inc Revenue sighted NSW 1860 cover to Wangaratta franked QV 2d Diadem horiz strip of 3 (imperf at right), early 1900s Registered envelope to Hobart with clear Greenridge cds & stamp cancelled poor strike of num 1608 (5R) & 1888 cover from Walcha to Prussia franked QV 2d blue pmk num 97 & numeral 1948 on QV 2d pr. QLD inc 1862 QV 1/- grey (2) & 1897 QV 2d Cracked Electro. South Australia pmks inc num 64 on Kangaroo 1d trio & 66 on 1850s QV 2d imperf. Tasmania num 278 pmk (RRR) & Daniel's Bay cds (RR) on 2d Pic plus 6d Pic opt SPECIMEN. Victoria misc pmks & Revenues. West Aust 1d Swan forgery. Australia inc 1912 1d black KGV Full Face Postal Card to Austria, uprated with QV ½d green, 1931 Flight cover Melbourne (19 Mar) to Camooweal QLD with 21st March Brisbane transit cds (AAMC 180 cat $125). 1920s 3rd wmk 5/- Kangaroos (5). 1934 Vic cent 1/- black blk of 4. 1937 KGVI 1d, 2d prs FDC pmk 'Posted On Train', 1949 Arms £2 opt SPECIMEN. Also British Commonwealth/Europe inc India 1854 QV 4a bi-colour imperf, Netherlands 1940 Queens (4) to 15c imperf MLH & Serbia 1869 1b yellow Newspaper stamp. A very eclectic mix, conservatively priced to sell at $2760, mostly F-VF.SOLD at A$750

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Catalogue: QEII 1953-65. Pre-decimal Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue. Latest (2019) edition with 276 colour pgs in A4 format, fully revised inc additions & illustrations. Cover prices re-assessed with separate value for solo or mixed frankings. Also Postage Dues for period now added inc valuations on cover.SOLD at A$80

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1921-50 Mint selection inc KGV to 1R, wmk script. 1938-49 KGVI Pic set to 5R plus shades, perfs etc. Plus Mauritius 1938-49 KGVI set to 10R. 1950 KGVI Pic set to 10R MUH. VF M/MLH/MUH. SG ex 347a-54, 386-97, 252-63 & 276-90 cat £370. (53) (P)SOLD at A$130