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Australia & New Zealand collection on hagners in 2 binders, plus shoebox. Australia inc 1914-36 Kangaroos (40) inc 6d blue (7) & 2/- brown 3rd wmk G/FU. KGV 1d green (200) & 1d red (24) inc 1d red 'tin-shed' flaw, 1930s-50s Pics/Defs/Commems. Then assorted covers inc KGV Heads (32). 1920-37 inc single wmk 2d red, plus later covers with 1d green, 1½d red or 2d Die III. Then other covers inc 1927 Newcastle Sun Newspaper franked 1d green single stamp only inc Forces 'concession mail' 1943-46 (16) others to 1955 (15+). New Zealand collection QV to 2002 basic G/FU range noted Capex 87 opt M/S set FU, FDCs 1945-82 (120 cvrs). 1980s 45c Postal card (82) with commem cancels, largely diff. A useful collection some tropicalisation but many F-VF. 2000+/240 cvrs/stationery/11 M/Sheets.SOLD at A$130

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1894-1904 POSTAGE blue opt QV 10/- violet & rosine Stamp Duty, chalk paper, perf 12x11. VF fresh M. SG 277b cat £375. (P)AVAILABLE at A$170

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1884-96 Stamp Duty 45/- lilac Postal Fiscal, typo wmk V/Crown (SG w33) sideways perf 12½. VFU/CTO, 'Melbourne DE 22 00' cds. SG 277 cat £225. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1883-99 'On HMS' opt QV set 3p-1R, plus 3p, ½a, 1a, 2a, 4a & 1R shades. F-VF M/MLH. SG O37a-048 cat £277. (13).SOLD at A$210

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1925-28 Pictorial 1c-$2 perf 12½. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 277-292 cat £406. (16). (P)SOLD at A$300