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Aviation covers 1921-47 Flight & Balloon Post covers inc USA 1909 Trenton NJ State Fair Balloon PPC, Germany 1921 (June) Flight Card from Frankenhausen, Hungary 1921 Szombathely to Budapest flight cover, 1923 Flight PPC Budapest to Esztergom, Latvia 1928 flight cover Riga to Lucerne, Belgium 1935 Balloon Flight postcard Poland to Bruxelles,1937 Balloon Flight flimsy card Riga to Bruxelles per 'Aero-Club Royal', Poland 1938 Stratosphere M/S CTO with Commem cachet, small thins, Belgium 1947 Balloon Flight cover. Largely F/VF, an interesting selection. (10)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1903 'British Somaliland' opt QV India 3a brown-orange, opt at top, horiz pr, left stamp variety 'BRIT.SH', due to 'I' being almost totally omitted. VF fresh MLH. SG 5/5a cat £854+ as singles, plus premium for positional se-tenant pr which should be +50% so est cat £1281. rare, only 66 sold. 2021 Ceremuga photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1903-04 'PHILIPPINES' opt Marshal $5 blue green, 1902 series. Superb M, excellent centring. Sc 239 cat US$800, SG 281 cat £1300. Only 746 printed. Exp. (P)SOLD at A$550