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Compact carton lot with British Commonwealth 1970s FDC collection (400) in 2 fat binders with 1974 Churchill (35), 1973 RW (37), 1974 UPU (50), 1974 World Cup Soccer (10), Christmas (40) plus other goof Thematics inc 1973 AAT Pic set with Casey Base cancels, 1973 Barbuda Ships to $5, 1974 St Vincent Grenadines Birds to $5 & other FDC depicting Birds, Shells, Aircraft, Scouts etc. Australia 1920s-80s collection in 4 large s/books inc 1966-72 decimal Pics/Commems MUH. Israel 1950s-80s large mostly fresh MUH collection in 40 hagners & 2 s/books with wide variety of Commem sets mostly in tab blks of 6 plus assorted M/sheets. PNG 1952-85 U/MUH collection in Seven Seas illustrated album inc 1952 Pics to £1 Fisherman U, 1963 £1 QEII opt SPECIMEN & 1964 Birds to 10/- all MUH, plus decimals near comp to end 1985 with most Pic/Commem sets.AVAILABLE at A$350

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1907-10 River View set 1c-$1 plus 4c listed shade & 2c wmk reversed. VF M/MLH. SG 23-33 & 24, 26a cat £282. (13). (P)SOLD at A$170

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1997 Errors/varieties group with Mendelssohn-Bartholdy 110pf sheetlet of 10 mi SG uillotined leaving only 6 full stamps & 2 half stamps at top, & blank stamps size tabs at base. Children Road Safety 10pf full sheetlet with spectacular error. Dehler 110pf sheetlet of 10 with extra wide margins at top & right showing colour bars at right, & full size blank tabs at top plus horiz pr from base of same sheetlet & LR cnr single also upper cnr singles on FDCs. SG 2752a, 2813 & 2821(var). Mi 1953L, 1954L & 1963(var) cat €750+ for single listed stamps with wide tabs, plus premium for sheetlets plus premium for unlisted values. Total est cat €1500. (7 items)AVAILABLE at A$200