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1898-1908 Pictorials specialised collection in binder with slipcase. Detailed coverage of each value. Starts with Colour Plate Proofs ½d, 1d & 2d, plus 1907 Black Plate Proofs made in London by Perkins Bacon ½d, 3d & 6d & 1907 Black Plate Proof of the 1/- made in New Zealand (wmk inverted). ½d brown range inc re-entry. ½d green inc 1902-07 LR cnr marginal blk of 6, perf 11x14. 1d brown & blue inc prs & re-entries. 1d red inc shades. 1½d Boer War inc re-entry blk of 4. 2d brown & purple range, both 2½d with plenty shades. 3d with re-entries, double perfs, & wmk varieties, plus 1908 reduced size inc perfs. 4d red range of both perfs. 4d brown & blue, plus re-entry blk of 6. 5d range of issues inc re-entries. 6d green & 6d red inc shades & perfs such as rare perf 14x11, plus 1908 reduced size. 8d inc shades & re-entries. 9d inc 1902-07 wmk inverted, plus partial off-set varieties. 1/- coverage of printings inc variety double perfs, plus wmk varieties & 1908 reduced size inc perfs. 2/- coverage of all printings. 5/- (37) inc shades & printings. Also 2014 book 'The 1898 Pictorial Issue of New Zealand' by Derek Diamond as new. Mostly G-VF U, few M, some 5/- F/C which are mostly not counted. SG cat £28,000+ = A$50,000+. Impressive & valuable collection. (1900) (P)SOLD at A$2500