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Austria - Occupation of Italy: 1918 specialist study of Authorised Delivery opts from various towns showing differences in inking & shifted opts etc. Then 2 probably bogus pieces with mixed frankings of Codroipo & Udine opt with Hungarian War charity opts tied by 'Fiume Col Vapore' shipmail pmks, plus 3 sets of very dangerous early forgeries of St Daniele, S Giorgio & Spilimmbergo opts. Sass est cat €1200+ = A$1900. Interesting lot. (55)SOLD at A$250

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1897-99 Arms 1d & QV 2d & 2½d dark blue imperf composite PROOF, on thick glazed paper (144x79mm), no wmk. Superb UN as made. SG 288/297(p). Attractive & very rare! (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1897-98 QV & Shield 1d red Die I, 2d blue & 2½d purple Die I, all opt Specimen type 14 in red or black. VF MUH. SG 288, 292, 295s cat £75 for M, should be at least double, £150 MUH. (3). (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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1865 QV 1a deep brown, wmk elephant head, blk of 16. F-VF fresh 2M/14MUH. SG 59 cat £288 for M singles, MUH should be at least double, so £540 for this blk. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180