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KGV Collection in binder with single wmk 1d violet Coarse Mesh Paper MUH (3). ACSC 76aa cat $225 ea, $675. 1d Green 'dot before 1' variety & 1d red Die III VF MLH. 4d Violet variety 'flaw on Kangaroo's back' W/C MLH, ACSC 111f cat $175, plus 4d orange (2), 4d olive (MUH), 4½d violet, 5d brown (2) & 1/4 turquoise (odd spot), mostly FM, retail $340. LM wmk (12) & no wmk (7). SM perf 14 (8) inc 2d brown marginal MUH & 3d blue Die I MLH (retail $360). SM perf 13½ (22) inc 1d green Die II, 3d blue, 4d olive & 5d brown. CofA wmk (31) to 5d inc 1d green Pane 8 upper marginal blk of 16 & 4d olive MUH, plus Official (8) in 1½d green perf OS. Odd minor tone, mostly F-VF M/MUH. Total ACSC cat/retail $2650+. (115)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1922-23 Star opt specialized range inc set perf 5R/20k - 200R/15k inc 20R/70k opt INVERTED (2) imperf set 5R/20k - 200R/15k (ex 30R) inc 20R/15k top marginal fake opt (cat £3750). Total SG cat £110, plus the fake & the covers, plus cards (2) inc perf 100R pr or 200R x 10! cover franked 200Rx5 or Lettercard (¾ of reverse gone) with 30R x 36! SG 289-302. SG cat £130 M/U as loose stamps, plus premium on cover. (36, 4 covers).AVAILABLE at A$250