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New Zealand Specialised 1960 Pictorials collection of ½d to 5d mostly in blks. Inc ½d Manuka 59 MUH/18 M inc blk of 4 with 'red colour shift variety. 1d 55 MUH/41M, plus 6 bklt panes, 2d 294 MUH/83M inc blks showing vars inc with CP OV3b(5), OV3d(3), OV3da(4), OV3F(7), OV3g CP cat $680, also CAPOV3g 3 G/FU, plus 2d with variety 'partially missing green background (not catalogued). 2½d 188 MUH/43M inc blk 24 showing variety '4 units horiz double perfs CP cat $100. 3d 87 MUH/18M inc varieties CP OV5c, OV5d, also bklt panes No 1-6, plus 3 bklt panes M/MUH, CP cat $595. Then blk of 4 showing 'brown colour shift' & blk of 6 showing strong 'doctor blade' flaw across 2 units. 4d 99MUH/17 M with blks inc 2 plate blks of 8, one with Plate 1221 showing var CPOV6b in plate blk of 15, plus other CP cat $125. 5d 34 MUH/14M inc 4 with vars 'misplaced yellow', & 3 with 'misplaced green', 1 'misplaced black'. Various others, largely VF, some M&U, mostly MUH. Mentioned stamps/blks total $1500, plus extra for all the others inc the graphic unlisted varieties. (150).