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Big carton lot inc Australia Official RAM 2017 legends of the ANZACs coin collection with 14 diff 20c/25c coins mounted into individual cards & RAM 2016 ANZAC to Afghanistan album with Victoria Cross 25c coin enclosed. Singapore 1985 Twenty Five Years M/sheet PNC (2) both with 1oz pure silver medallion (retail $75+ each). Great Britain 1992 Year Album. Japan Regional stamps MUH collection (FV Y1400) inc Official album, 3 Mint sheet files inc Christmas Is (FV $20) & Norfolk Is (FV $85) 1970s MUH Commems in comp sheets/large multiples. Cyprus 1980 & 82 Year PO Year Folders. Solomon Is 1983 America's Cup collections (5). Various World booklets (30) 1980s-90s, New Zealand 1930s-80s mix (10,000) semi-sorted into 4 plastic bags. Sweden 1890s-1950s mix (2000) inc good range of cds pmks, Australia/GB/World mess all with mostly Private perfins (1500). Australia range of 1930s KGV 1d or 2d on cover fronts selected for NSW/QLD pmks, then 1960s-80s on-paper mix (2000) all with clear cds plus modern meter cut-outs (500) & other bits & pieces. Inspection, as usual, a good idea. (15,000+)SOLD at A$350

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1898-1902 Pictorials with ½d purple Mt Cook, 1d blue & yellow-brown - both no wmk perf 15 blks of 4, 1900 Terrace 1d purple top marginal imperf Proof blk of 4 (sl gum tones), 1½ chestnut Boer War perf 11 double-lined wmk blk of 4, 1902 Mt Cook ½d green no wmk perf 14 lower marginal blk of 8. VF fresh MUH. SG 246, 247, 274(p), 275b & 294 cat £396 for M, should at least double, £792 MUH, CP E1a, E2a, E3a(p), E4a, & F3b cat NZ $840+ - both plus the proof. (5 blks). (P)AVAILABLE at A$200