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Balance of consignment in 2 cartons with Australia 1954-95 FDC collection with pre-decimal Pics/Commems (24) inc 1959-61 Defs to 5/- Cattle & 1959 AAT Pics to 2/3 Penguins & decimals (470). Strength in 1980s Pics inc Limited Edition covers with Special Commem pmks, noted Bradman PNC. PO Die Proof Reprint Cards (20, cat $160) inc 1964 pre-dec Navigator set of 6 to £2. Large black binder with 70 used hagners Malaysia/Malay States collection (500) in small s/book, plus cigar box with extras. Solomon Is 1987 America's Cup MUH collections (2) in illustrated albums. GB pre-decimal collection to 1968 in SG illustrated albums inc 1940s Channel Islands Pics, plus general World collection in 7 large s/books inc WWII Japanese Occupation of Malaya opts in comp sheets, Australia, GB, Hong Kong & misc Europe. All in 2 large cartons. (1000s)SOLD at A$220