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1966-89 MUH collection (FV $500+), lightly duplicated inc 1966 Defs to $4 King (2 sets), 1970 Cook M/Sheet, 1971 Christmas blk of 25 (split in two), plus set of singles, 1972 Prim Ind set & Christmas 35c (2 of ea), 1977 Painting $10 (5), 1980s Pics/commems to $10 Gardens. Also 1948-65 Pre-decimal MUH (115) inc high value commems to 2/3. (100s)SOLD at A$375

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St Pierre & Miquelon: 1941-42 'France Libre FNFL' opt 20c Parcel Post opt. VF fresh M (technically MUH but gum sl disturbed by interleaving). SG P303 cat £1500, Yv CP5 cat €1300, Maury CP5 cat €1400. Rare genuine as only 240 printed. 2012 Scheller photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$1200

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1931 Transatlantic Formation Flight cover franked the special 7.70L stamp & King 1.25L tied by 'Italia-Brasile Roma 5 DEC 1930' pmk with 'Rio de Janeiro' arrival pmk, with all the pilots signatures inc Valle. Superb fresh. SG 303 cat £1800++, Sass PA25 cat €2000++ both as loose stamp, Sass GP25c cat €3250 on signed airmail cover. Rare & attractive. 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1939 Pictorial set 1c-$10 plus 12c shade. VF fresh MUH. SG 303-317 cat £1470. Popular set & rare in MUH condition. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1939 Pictorial set 1c-$5 blks of 4. VF fresh MUH. SG 303-17 cat £5600+ as singles. Very rare set of MUH blks. (15 blks) (P)AVAILABLE at A$4800

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1925 Anniv of 1905 Rebellion perf set 3h-14k, the 3k 34½mm high, 7k perf 12 x 12½, 14h perf 12½, being 'specimen stamps from UPU distribution, with local 'COLONIAS' h/s (type PORC 4) applied by Portuguese Ministry for the Colonies. F-VF UN affixed to piece ex archive pgs. SG 463, 464c, 465a, Mi 302C, 303D & 304A(s). Unique stamps from Portuguese India Goa Postal Archive UPU specimen collection. 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$250