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1968 Melbourne Emergency Mail Service, 3 values - $1, 10c & 6c, 500 of ea, all fresh MUH in sheets of 20. FV $580. Hornage cat $1250. (75 sheets - 1500)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Great Britain: 2008-10 Kings & Queens Ages of Lancaster-York, the Tudors, Stewarts & Stuarts UNCUT M/Sheet 'Press Sheets' of 21 M/S (Tudors 16 M/S) with uncut marginal markings, colour bars etc. VF fresh MUH. SG MS2818, 2930, 3053 & 3094(var) cat £550 as normals. FV £220 alone. (4 sheets)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1899 NINEPENCE opt QV 10d dull brown chalk paper, perf 12x11½, error opt DOUBLE. F-VF MLH. SG 309a cat £275. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1899 'NINE PENCE' opt QV 10d dull brown, wmk crown NSW (SG w40) on chalk-surfaced paper, error opt DOUBLE, well separated. F-VF MLH. SG 309a cat £275. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1918 Military Airmail flight cover franked Flugpost opt 1.50Kr/2Kr & 2.50Kr/3Kr (scarce perf 12½x11½), plus Karl 15h, tied by 'Lemberg 14 V 18' cds (was in Poland, now Ukraine) with 'Flugpost Poczta Lotnicza Lemberg Lwow 15 V 18' cds. To Vienna with 'Flugpost Wien 16 V 18' arrival b/s. Mi 225xI & 226xC cat €309+. Scarce correct franking with rare perf. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1931 Balkan Games set 1L-50L. VFU blks of 4, some perf separations. Mi 242-8 cat €600. SG 309-15 cat £560. Rare blks. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1976 Scouts in PNG 50th Anniv set of colour separation PROOFS, with 5 diff colours, plus the final stamp for ea all imperf, UNISSUED 25t & 30t stamps. Note the issued stamps were denominated 7t & 15t! Superb UN attached to Courvoisier printer's approval sheet dated '20 4 1976'. SG 309, 311(p). UNIQUE Scout thematic item. (12). (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1976 Scouting & Flight Anniv set 25t & 30t UNISSUED VALUES imperf PROOFS. Issued at 7t-60t. VF fresh M, with original Courvoisier printers proof folder & issued set to compare. SG 309-12(p). Extremely rare set of unissued values -1st we have seen. (8). (P)AVAILABLE at A$600