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Germany: 1850-1960 collection in 2 s/book plus Minkus album. Selection of States issues inc Prussia 1850-58 King vals to 3 SG . Saxony 1850 3pf (no cert, cat £12,000 but not counted in total). 1863-67 Embossed Arms vals to 5ng. Lubeck 159 Arms vals to 4S. Wurttemberg 1859-62 Arms vals to 18Kr. Alsace Lorraine 1870 Numeral vals to 25c. North German Confed 1869 10g & 30g. German Reich 1928 Zeppelin sets to 4Mk. Allied Occup 1946-47 Numeral to 1MK. 1948 Posthorn opt vals to 84pf. West Germany 1950 Numeral & Posthorn to 90pf. DDR 1952 Portraits to 84pf. WWII Occ Bohemia & Moravia 1939-41 Pic set to 20h. Poland 1941-44 Hitler to 1.60zt. Upper Silesia 1920 Pic to 5Mk. Most F-VF M/U. SG cat £7000+ = A$13,000 plus the Saxony 3pf. (2500)AVAILABLE at A$600