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1972-1997 Decimal MUH/U accumulation sorted in 6 shoeboxes with 7390 used & 115 MUH 1972-79, 8430 U & 160 MUH 1979-84, 5620 U & 50 MUH 1984-87, 6450 U & 30 MUH 1987-90, 7930 U & 26 MUH 1990-94 & 4700 U & 21 MUH 1994-97. A total of 400 MUH stamps (unknown FV) & 40,700 used with an ASC cat value of over $23,000. Plenty to sort through here! All in a large carton. (40,000+)SOLD at A$450

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1913-23 ½d red & green wmk crown double-lined A sideways perf 11 blk of 72 with top & side margins, noted value plate varieties d, e, f, h, m & p. Stamps VF fresh MUH. SG D77a cat £468 for M, should be at least £936 MUH, premium for varieties. ACSC D94 cat $3180. (72).SOLD at A$400

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1906-10 Commonwealth 9d pale brown & blue, LINE PERF 11, perf OS, wmk crown double-lined A, with DOUBLE PERFS at right. Superb U, Bundaberg cds. ACSC Q45Bb(var) cat $1500++, plus premium for double perf error. SG 285(OS) cat £800 as normal & much under- catalogued, perf OS unlisted & should be at least double, £1600+, plus premium for double perf error. Extremely rare perf OS as only several recorded - the only previous example we offered sold for $4660 in our auction 318, while the double perf error is the only recorded & believed unique. 2018 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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1897 QV Jubilee 1c-5c. F-VF fresh MUH. SG ex122-128 cat £106 for M, should be at least triple, £318 MUH, Unitrade 51-54 cat C$690/186 . (4).AVAILABLE at A$100

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Morocco: 1947 Pictorials Epreuvre de Luxes 10c, 30c red, 50c-2Fr green, 3Fr, 4Fr green, 5Fr deep green, 6Fr, 10Fr blue, 15Fr green, 20Fr & 25Fr violet (the 1947 set as per Maury). VF fresh UN as made, with tissue paper interleaves attached. SG 318-19, 322-7, 329-31, 334 & 336-7(p), Maury 254-68EPL. (15).AVAILABLE at A$200

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1941 'WAR TAX' opt Pictorial ser 1c & 2c. VF fresh MUH. SG 318-19 cat £15. (2)AVAILABLE at A$10

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1893-99 King 3b chocolate horiz pr, error IMPERF between, wmk 'PR', perf 13½. VF fresh M, natural paper inclusion in margin. Mi 101(var), SG 318(var). Rare & attractive. (P)AVAILABLE at A$80