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1913-89 comprehensive collection in SG illustrated loose leaf album with Kangaroos (44) inc 1st wmk 4d, 5d, 9d FU & 5/- CTO, 2nd wmk 5/-, 6d, 2½d & 2d. 3rd wmk to 10/-, plus £1 grey. SM wmk set to 5/-, CofA to £1 grey, plus both 6d opt OS. KGV (63) inc 1/4 SM wmk perf 14 (cat $175) & OS opt set to 5d. 1914 Kookaburra 6d Engraved. 1930s Commems appear comp inc 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d, 3d opt OS, 1932 Bridge set of 6 to 5/- green, 1934 Vic Cent both perfs to 1/- & 1935 KGV Silver Jubilee set to 2/-. 1937 KGVI set to £1 Robes. Pre-decimal coil prs (14) from 1938 Kangaroo ½d to 1965 QEII 5d red inc 1938 KGVI 2d violet FM 1940 AIF set to 6d U, 1946 BCOF opt to 5/- M, 1949 Arms to £2 U, QEII pre-dec comp inc 1964 Navigator set of 6 to £2. 1966-89 decimals also comp with vals to $20 Gardens inc 1966 Defs to $4 King, 1970s Commems inc 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 25 VF CTO & 1980s Pic sets inc higher vals. Overall fresh & clean mostly F-VF U, retail $6000. Then 2nd Vol M/MUH decimals (FV $240) & 1957-95 AAT collection. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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2009 Bush Babies set $1.45-$4.20 sheets of 50. VF fresh MUH. SG 3218-21. FV $532 alone. (4 sheets).AVAILABLE at A$425

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1949-52 Railway Parcel 300Fr bright reddish-violet. Superb fresh MUH. SG P1294 cat £200. COB TR321 cat €160. (P)AVAILABLE at A$60

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1932 Tyrs Birth Centenary 1Kr blue imperf DIE PROOF in trial colour on thick paper (41x44mm). Superb UN as made. SG321(p), Mi 315(p). Extremely rare, only several made. Exp. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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St Pierre & Miquelon: 1942 Registered cover franked 'France Libre FNFL' 2-line opts 20Fr/90c (flts), Postage Dues 2Fr & 3Fr/2Fr, plus the last w/o FNFL. Tied by 'St Pierre et Miquellon 24 8 42' cds, with censor h/s & initials. To New York, with arrival b/s. SG 293, D301-02a cat £321+, Yv 280, T55, T56 & T56a cat €290+, both for loose stamps plus premium on cover. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1893-99 King 15b rose vert pr, IMPERF between, wmk 'PR', perf 13½. VF fresh M. Mi 104(var), SG 321(var). Rare & attractive (P)SOLD at A$100

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1893-99 King Carol 15b rose horiz pr, error IMPERF between, wmk 'PR', perf 13½. VF fresh M. Mi 104(var), SG 321(var). Rare & attractiveSOLD at A$60