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Switzerland: 1845-1960s collection in Kabe album. Starts with 1845 Basel Dove 2½a cat £20,000 but no cert so not counted in reserve. 1849 Geneva Transitional 5c (3 margins). 1850 Orts Post 2½r no frame (4 margins & exp Their), 1850 Poste Locale 2½R (2 1 on cover front). Then 1850-52 Rayon I 5R red, black & blue (2,. Rayon II 10R, Rayon I 5R blue & red (4 inc shades), Rayon III 15R (3) & 15c (2). 1854-62 Strubelli 5R-1Fr inc shades & printings. 1862-82 Sitting Helvetia vals to 1Fr inc 2c red-brown, 60c (2) U & 1Fr U (5). 1878-80 Postage Due set to 100c. 1882-98 Numeral set to 15c plus shades. 1883 Postage Due set to 500c. 1882-1907 Standing Helvetia vals to 3Fr inc printings & shades. 1884-97 Postage Due set to 500c. 1900 UPU set inc types. 1907-18 Sitting Helvetia to 3Fr. 1908 Postage Due set to 100c. 1913-17 Pro Juventute sets comp. 1914-18 High Val views to 10Fr. 1923-25 Air vals to 1Fr. 1924 UPU set plus perfs. 1920s Pro Juventute sets appear comp. 1936 Pro Patria M/S. 1943 Stamp Cent sheetlet. 1945 Peace vals to 80c. 1945 War Relief M/S. 1945 Basel Dove M/S. Most 1950s-60s Commems & Pro Juventute issues upper comp. Most F-VF M/U. SG cat £22,850 = A$41,000. Plus Basel Dove extra £20,000 not counted. Valuable collection. (1550+8 M/S). Valuable collection. (P)SOLD at A$2700