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Aitutaki - Yemen collection in well-filled album inc French African Colonies, Persia, British India, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Asia & Australian Territories. Plus France in separate album inc 1949 Airmails to 1000Fr. Art/Thematic collection in 4 large loose leaf albums with wide variety throughout. Australia 1913-81 hingeless album in VGC (new retail $240). 3 Medium-size loose leaf albums inc 1890s Schaubek Illustrated Postage Stamp Album with GB 1890s QV to 1/- & KEVII to 5/-, India QV/KEVII Sidefaces with Official opts in quantity, 1850s-60s France/Greece inc imperfs & pre 1900 Asia Hong Kong Used in China. 2 European-made s/books with 1940s-70s Germany inc Allied Occupations, Switzerland late 1800s-1960s & WWII German Occupations of Europe. (1000s)SOLD at A$220

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1891 'OS' opt 'Australia' 2½d ultramarine, FULL SHEET of 120 with 'CP', 'G.P.r.O NSW' & '1890' monograms plus side & top margin inscriptions, sheet no.18, position 22 in ea pane variety 'wide spacing of OS', plus other varieties. Stamps VF 4M/116MUH, mostly very fresh. SG O54 cat £1680+ for M singles, should be at least double, so £3332 MUH, plus premium for variety sheet. Extremely rare as sheet. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1937 King of Rumania set of 3 M/sheets. FU. MS 332a-c cat £120. 1938 Philatelic Exhibition M/sheets (2) perf & imperf MLH. SG MS 335 cat £400, total SG cat £520. (5)AVAILABLE at A$100