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1919 opt on 'Gen Gouv Warshau' opt Germania 20pf wide spacing, basic stamp in blue shade with semi-glossy opt. VF fresh MUH. SG 12b(var). Mi 10(var) Fi 12ba cat zl1000. 2016 Korszen photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1d Green variety collection in positional blks & multiples with 'white scratch behind Kangaroo' (pos V/49) & 'notch NE cnr' (V/59) irregular marginal blk of 16 (ACSC cat $400), 'white flaw in frame opp emu's feet' (V1/55), 'shade break in oval above E of Postage' (V1/59) lower marginal blk of 18 (now separated, cat $440) LL cnr horiz strip of 4 (Pane V/55-58, cat $80). Mullett imprint strip of 4 Plate 4 with 'RA joined' & 'roo's tongue out' varieties ($560), plus 'RA joined' lower marginal strip (tone spot, $200), 'run N - State 3' LR cnr singles MLH ($250) blk of 18, 'neck flaw' single VF MLH ($250), blk of 17 & 2 blks of 4. Plate 3, pane 5 blk of 18 with varieties 'scratch behind Kangaroo' (pos 49) & 'notch UR cnr' (pos 59). Mostly fresh MUH, total ACSC $3350. (106)AVAILABLE at A$325