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1930s-72 Airmail covers with early 1930s? Tin Can Mail cover inc franked 1928 USA 5c Airmail to pay airmail within USA. 1935 inwards from Sth Africa via Egypt by air to Sydney, 1939 FFC Tonga-NZ, 1941 FFC Tonga-Fiji, 1942 Warship pictorial cover to NZ, Nukualofa-Vavau FFC, 1945 to Sydney franked 3d & 6d, 1947 (Sept-Oct) Tonga-NZ & NZ Tonga, 1953 (3-12 Aug) TEAL 'Coral Route' (2) Tonga-Cook Is & reverse, formula Air Letter NZ-Togo, more 'Coral Route' NZ-Tonga or reverse (5), Samoa-Tonga or reverse & Tonga-Fiji. Then 1964 Airmail 25th Anniv flights Fiji-UK, Fiji-NZ, plus with Anniv vignette Tonga- UK & Fiji-UK, & 2 M/S of 4 vignettes MUH. 1967 (4 July) covers signed by UK & USA representatives at King's Coronation. 1968 New Airport Terminal opening, Polynesian Holiday flight, & 1972 Nukualofa-Vavau. Beautifully written up pgs in SG slipcase binder. (29 covers, 2 M/S) (P)SOLD at A$350