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2005 Die Proofs (no.4) Transportation & Communication -A Selection of the Engraved Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia. Deluxe PO book with 32 diff Die Proofs in green. Inc 5/- Bridge, unissued 1939 5/- Guba, 6d Airmail & Kingsford Smith, 10/- Flinders, all 6 stamp Centenaries etc. Lovely production. ACSC at $800 as single proofs. This the scarcest of the series. No outer slipcase, so conservative reserve.SOLD at A$110

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1905-10 QV Centenary 6d deep orange, wmk crown single-lined A, perf 11. Superb fresh MLH. ACSC N41 cat $750, SG 342a cat £350. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Albania 1913-93 Extensive & valuable collection in 3 hagner binders, mostly MLH/MUH some G-FU. Inc 1913 Eagle opt on Turkey inc 2½p brown, 10pa green, 20pa rose opt pr, opt in blue & in red, 1pi (3) inc opt in red & with blue opt, G-FU (no certs), 1913 Circular h/ss to 10gr UN, to 2gr FU, 1917 'Arms' to 1Fr some in blks M/MUH, 1913 'Indep Anniv' to 2gr (2) G/FU, 1914 Pr William opt '7 Mars' set Fu with add 5q, 25q, 50q (2), 1Fr, 1919 'Comet' opt surch set M/MLH inc SG 92, do set FU inc 25q SG 92, 1919 'Comet' with straight tail opt with 25q on 64h both types M/MLH & extras G-FU, 1919 Fiscal Surcharge selection M/MLH & G/FU, 1925 Pr William opt set SG 114-122 with add 25q SG 119 M/MLH, 1924 Red Cross sets both types M/MLH with add set with large cross opt, 1928 Air opt set all with opt var 'comma' ex 5q queen, 1928 Air opt set 'Vlone' to Brindisi' MLH/MUH, 1928 Accession of King Zog set, 1928 Nat Assembly (2 sets) M/MLH, 1929 Air opt 'Kingdom of Albania' set M/MLH, 1929 King Zog's Birthday set FU, 1934 10th Anniv of Revolution (2 sets FU), other 1930s sets & M/Sheets MLH & MUH 1938 Accession Anniv set FU, 1939-40 Defins + Airs M/MLH, 1943 surch set + 25g Express MUH, 1945 surch set FU, 1945 Red Cross set MUH, do set MLH & set FU, Post War inc 1947 Railway set MLH, 1948 Railway set MUH, 1950 Surch 0.50 on 2L blue MLH, 2.50 on 10L FU. 1960s subsequent issues & M/Sheets, many both perf & imperf with attractive & thematic Olympics, Soccer World Cup, Space & various Flora & Fauna sets mostly MUH. Also scarce modern inc 1982 40th Anniv of Press set FU, 1984 Flowers set MUH, 1985 'VE' anniv set, 1988 Flowers sets MUH, 1988 Famous Armenians, 1988 Army Anniv, 1988 Folklore set on FDC, 1992 Columbus M/S MUH do tow UN & many others. Back of book inc Officials, Postage Dues, Epirus inc 1914 Provisionals set of 4 used (no certs), 1915 opts set to 5d M/MLH & many others. Some varied condition but really as good a collection of this area as you will see largely VF cat £26,000 & €550 (imperfs) = A$51,000. (c.3420, 90 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$3500

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Croatia: 1944 Labour Front 3.50+1K - 18+9K sheetlets of 8 with special labels, line perf 14½, with perf lines through all margins. Superb fresh MUH. SG 135a-37a(MS) cat £342 as M singles, so £682 MUH singles. Mi 162-7BKLB cat €900++. The rarest NDH sheetlets! (3 sheetlets). (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1981 Christmas 14p Christ IMPERF horiz pr. UN, sl imperfections as usual. ECGB2342IMa cat £275 for UN. SG 1171(var). Only 50 prs recorded. (P)AVAILABLE at A$100