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British Empire & Commonwealth: 1860s-1980s collection/ accumulation binder. Better items inc Trinidad 1898 400th Anniv Columbus 2d opt SPECIMEN. St Kitts Nevis 1905 Columbus & Medicinal Springs set to 2½d opt SPECIMEN. Jamaica 1938-52 KGVI Pic vals to 10/-. Brunei 1895 Star & Local Scene set to $1. Dominica 1938 KGVI Pic to 10/-. Falklands 1938 KGVI Pic vals to 10/-. Mauritius 1950 KGVI Pic set to 10R. Tristan da Cunha 1952 KGVI Ship set to 10/-. Fiji 1938 KGVI Pic vals to 2/-, perf SPECIMEN. Newfoundland 1937 Additional Coronation set. New Brunswick 1860 QV Pic vals to 17c. Prince Edward 1862-72 QV selection. Fiji 1938 KGVI Pic set to £1. Sierra Leone 1938 KGVI Pic set to £1. Bahamas 1938 KGVI set to £1 plus 1942 450th Columbus opt set to £1. Cyprus 1938 KGVI Pic set to £1. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £2400+ = A$4300+. (475).SOLD at A$650

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2000 Sydney Olympics Gold Medal digital TRIAL printing IMPERF sheetlets of 10 in unseparated pr with Platypus imprint, picturing part of Ian Thorpe on 1 stamp only due to printer flt with 'An error occurred while processing this page' etc, the pre-printed side panels with blank areas. VF fresh MUH. SG 2027A(var), ACSC 2348(var). Unique imperf sheet! (P)AVAILABLE at A$700