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British Guiana: 1860-1966 collection on leaves inc 1860-76 perf 12½ 1c black, perf 10 1c, 2c, 1882 1c, 2c, 8c, 1888 Inland Revenue 1c-72c, 1898 QV Jubilee set with both 2c, 1889 to 96c inc 6c shades & 96c both shades, 1900 to 48c, 1905-7 to 96c, 1905 $2.40, 1913-21 Defs inc extra shades & 96c white back, 1921-27 Defs wmk script, 1934 Pics 3c-$1, 1938-52 Defs comp set to $3 (25 diff) inc shades, perfs inc $1 perf 14x13 SG 317a (cat £550), 1954 QEII to $5 M/MLH, Guyana Independence opts to $5, plus others. Mostly F-VF M cat £2800+ = A$5600. (98) (P)SOLD at A$700

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1912-24 KGV shades, wmk Simple Cypher inc ½d bright yellow-green with RPSL photo cert, ½d blue-green, 1½d yellow-brown, 1½d deep chocolate, 2d (the 5 SG shades), 2d deep bright orange, 2½d cobalt blue, 3d (4 shades as per Concise cat), 4d (3 shades as per Concise), 4d pale slate-green, 6d deep reddish-purple, bottom marginal with control no 'F15', 8d bronze green on yellow & 1/- olive-brown. VF fresh MUH. SG Spec ex N14(11)-N32(9) cat £846. SG ex 351-396 cat £396 for M, should be at least double, £792 MUH. (22) (P)SOLD at A$325