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British Western Pacific Islands collections/accumulations in 8 volumes with Fiji 1954 Pics to £1 M & U (cat £100), 1959 Pics to £1 Arms FU, 1968 QEII to £1 M & U (cat £40) & decimal Pic/Commem sets (120) CTO/MUH inc to $2, est total cat £250. Nauru (280) 1954-88 with 50 Pic/Commem sets, mostly fresh MUH inc to $5. PNG in 5 s/books inc 1952 Pic sets (3) to £1 Fisherman U, 1964 Birds to 10/- MUH & many 100s of decimal Pics/Commems with 80 MUH sets inc 1966 Butterflies to $2, 1969 Shells to $2 & 130 U/CTO sets plus 1994 Surcharges 50t/70t Pics (17) G-F U. SG cat £270. Also small selections of Norfolk, Pitcairn, Samoa & Solomon islands in final volume. Overall a diverse group with many useful sets & singles. Mixed M/MUH/G-DU. (1000s)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Covers - Postal History: 1914-17 Russia WWI Fieldpost use of PPC written up on pages with wide range of FPO cachets & pmks inc '1st Siberian Inf Corps', 361 Foot Kovenskaya Militia, '3rd Armoured Car Co'. Inspector of Cavalry, Hospitals, Observation Posts, Training Corps, Machine Gun Command, State Militia, Hospital Train, Disinfection Detachment etc, plus covers inc 'Senior Doctor 265th Vishnevolotsk Regiment' cachet, large Red Cross printed envelope, pictorial Cavalry Charge cover. Also Belgium Artillery pictorial note-paper with message from the Belgian Front in French. Wide range of Russian pmks & h/s inc Railways. F-VF. (30 cards, 4 covers etc)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Martinique: 1864 (14 Oct) folded letter from Vera Cruz to Bordeaux, showing 'Mexique' octagonal d/s (15.10, Salles 1361) & handstruck '8', on reverse, fine 'Mexique/Tampico' octagonal d/s (15.10, Salles 1317) & arrival pmk. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250