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British Commonwealth 1850s-1960s in green loose leaf album & blue s/book with Australia inc Kangaroos 1st wmk to 2/-, 3rd wmk to 2/- brown perf OS, 2/-, 5/-, S. multi 2/-, 5/- perf OS, CofA inc 10/- G-FU, 1930s High value commems, 1949-50 Arms to £2, KGV Heads inc 1d red Die II, III, LM wmk (3) & 7 ACSC listed flaws (cat $250), 4d orange splintered cover ACSC 110(1)K, 4d violet 'weeping four' ACSC 111(2)F cat $110. Aust States (300) inc NSW 1854 6d Diadem var 'wmk 8'. Qld 1882 £1 green & £500 QV impressed Duty. Victoria from 1850s imperfs. 1879-1900 Postal Fiscals inc to £1. GB QV to KGVI G-FU range. Also Papua New Guinea collection 1952-1993 inc Pre-decimal to £1 MUH, Decimals range with MUH FV 180K. New Zealand 1862 2d blue FFQ. Transvaal 2 old cheques, Cape of Good Hope inc 1855 4d 1/- G-FU & many others. Some mixed condition but many F-VF. Retail approx $4500. Also inc Reproduction of The Age Vol 1 No.1 & Ballarat Courier April 1908 Edition. (1600+)SOLD at A$400