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1850s-1920s collection in green ideal album. British Empire - Bahamas inc 1863 1d carmine-lake (aniline) UN. Gambia 1869 6d FU, 1886 to 1/- M/MLH. Gold Coast 1876 wmk CC ½d olive-yellow UN, Great Britain 1841 to KGV, Ireland inc 1922 opts to 1/- M/MLH, Labuan inc 1882-83 to 40c G-FU, 1894 to 24c M/MLH, British Honduras inc 1872 1d pale-blue UN, British Somaliland 1904 3r G-FU. Cook Is 1893-1913 to 1/- M/MLH, Malta 1885 2d, 2½d MLH, Mauritius inc 1854 (4d) green GU. 1883-91 Surcharge range inc 1891 2c/38c with Inverted opt SG 121a cat £1300 UN. Newfoundland inc 1865 2c, 1865 10c GU, Rhodesia inc 1905 Waterfalls inc 5d, 1910 Double Heads to 6d, 1913 Admirals to 2/- G-FU, Malaysia inc 1912 KGV to $5 G-FU. Tonga selection inc Officials 1893 'GFB' opt 1d, 2d UN, 1893 surch inc ½d, 2½d, 10d UN, Trinidad inc 1851 (1d) GU, Foreign range with useful selections of Central & Sth America inc Chile 1861 1c yellow UN, Colombia inc 1861 10c, 1p G-FU, Uruguay inc 1840 240r GU, Europe selections inc Belgium 1850 10c & 20c Imperf, France inc Ceres/Napoleon/Peace & Commerce selection, French Colonies inc PO in Turkish Empire, Reunion & others G-FU. Greece inc 1896 Olympics to 1d G-FU, Luxemburg inc 1859 imperfs inc 12½c, 37½c, 1865-75 roulette to 20c, 1882 to 1F G-FU & others. Monaco inc 1883 1c, 2c, 5c UN, 25c GU, Thailand inc 1890 surcharge 1att/12a, 2att/64a (2) M, various others. Condition is generally double average for this type of collection. Some mixed condition but majority F-VF. Album GC. Est cat £10,000 = A$18,000. (1450+)