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1931 Airmail 6d brown. G-VFU. SG 139 cat £425, retail $300 (25)AVAILABLE at A$75

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Poland: 1915-1968 Collection in green Rapkin spring back binder with slipcase + 2 small black s/back binders. Mostly M/MLH. Inc Warsaw Local Post selection, 1919 6h orange Arms, 1918 opt on Austrian Mil Post issues inc 10h, 20h, 45h SG 17-19 U on piece. Also SG 21/29 M/MLH 1919 N/Papers opt set M/MLH (cat £300), 1922 Upper Silesia 5pf to 20Mk U, 1933 Vienna Anniv M/MLH. 1937 King of Rumania M/S set of 3 M/MLH & set of 3 U. German Occup 1940 surch SG 379/391e M/MLH, 1944 Monte Cassino set MUH, 1945 1zl Potal, 1947 1zl Westerplatte M/MLH, 1954 5g Air M/Sheet, 1958 Postal Service M/S, 1960 Birds, 1963 Conquest of Space M/S MUH. Then other sports, Olympics, Flowers, Animals sets & M/S MUH. Also 1968 Paintings set in shts of 4 various others with some extras G/FU. Also noted Danzig Port Gdansk inc 1925 opts, 1926 Pics part set M/MLH, East Silesia 1920 'SO' opt to 500H M/MLH etc, largely VF. Total cat €3050 = A$5200. (1100+, 31 M/S or shlts).AVAILABLE at A$350

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2012 Visit Australia 2013 $1.85 Exhib Building M/Sheet & $4.70 Koalas M/S, both with Indonesia 2012 imprint. VF fresh MUH. SG MS3793-4 cat £16. Retail $30. (2)AVAILABLE at A$10

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1905-10 Shield 1d rose carmine specialist multiple collection, wmk crown single-lined A, perf 12x11½ inc top marginal gutter strip of 4 with '1905' & 'WAG' monograms, plus sheet number, LL cnr marginal trip of 3 with part inscriptions, bottom marginal blk of 6 with '1905' & part 'GPrO NSW' monograms, left marginal horiz pr with part inscription, top, marginal blk of 6 with '1907' & part 'GPrO NSW' monograms, top blk of 12 with margins at left, right & top, with part inscriptions, left & right marginal blk of 18, top blk of 12 with side & top margins with 'Postage One Penny' inscription, blk of 6 & UR cnr marginal blk of 6 with part inscription. VF 12M/63MUH. ACSC N12/z/za est cat $567+ inc premium MUH stamps. SG 334 cat £206 for M singles, should be at least double MUH, so £379+, plus premium for positional/monogram multiples. Ex Hutson. (10 items)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Registered Envelope: 1892 QV 3d size F, to Sydney with 2d Centenary tied by '1379' barred oval & Burradoo b/s. VFU. H&G C7.AVAILABLE at A$30