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1984-96 Framas: Extensive MUH collection (FV $175) in Seven Seas hingeless album inc 1984 Bars 30c & 40c set of 7, 1984 33c, 45v, 90c sets of 9, then Buttons sets of 9 comp from Oct 1985 Kangaroo to Jun 1996 Festive Designs., plus base rate FDC sets (7 diff) with 61 FDC from 1984 Bars to 1992 Emus. All fresh & clean.SOLD at A$100

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Albania: 1943 '14 Shtator 1943' opt Pictorial set 1q on 3q-3Fr, plus Express 25q. VFU with 'Peje 20.4.44' cds. SG 389-E402 cat £600, Mi 1-14 cat €500. Rare in used condition. 2014 Ceremuga photo cert. (14). (P)AVAILABLE at A$325

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Albania: 1943 '14 Shtator 1943' opt Pictorial set 1q/3q - 3Fr, plus Express 25q. VF fresh MUH. Mi 1-14 cat €350+, SG 389-E402 cat £225 for M, should be at least £450+ MUH. Sass 1-14 cat €625. 2014 Ceremuga photo cert. (14). (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1922 Provisional Govt opt KGV 1½d red-brown, right marginal blk of 6, middle right stamp variety 'PENCF' for 'PENCE' Superb MUH. SG 10a cat £389 for M singles, should be at least double, £778 MUH, plus premium for positional multiple. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1980 Census set 7t-50t sheets of 50 inc imprints. MUH, sl tones, sl flts base margins. SG 389-92 cat £40. (4 sheets, 200)AVAILABLE at A$25

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1927 Alfonso Coronation Anniv Air opt 75c/10c horiz pr, right stamp variety '192' instead of '1927'. VF MLH. SG 456/456(var), Ed 389+389t cat €126+ as singles, plus premium for se-tenant pr.AVAILABLE at A$60