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1960s-2000s varieties collection: mainly British Cwlth. Plenty better inc Australia Flowers coil 7c missing green & buff (SG cat £80), Botswana 1981 Cattle 30t & 45t imperf prs with shifted printing (retail $100), Belize 1974 Fish 4c imperf. Cook Is 1963 Pictorials proofs to 2/- inc imperf prs & blks (retail $1000+). Falklands (Westpoint) Tiger Woods sheetlet. Malaysia 1976 Butterfly 15c imperf proof blk of 4 (retail $150). Excellent range of Lundy 1982 Bird set to 23p inc imperfs in blks of 6, misperfs, blks of 6 (Labbe cat $1400+, retail $900+). Good selection of West Indies 1986 Duke of York Wedding inc imperf blks ($750), Nevis 1985 Birds set imperf prs. St Vincent 1987 Motor Cent $5 value at right instead of left ($120). Virgin Islands 1985 Bird set imperf prs ($100). St Vincent 1987 QEII 40th Wedding Anniv set, error centres inverted inc blks of 4 ($2900). Tuvalu 1988 Bird set to $5 inc imperf prs & gutter blks of 4 ($900). Zambia 1989 Frog 2.85K & Bat 2.85K both R marginal blks of 4, error double printing & 1988 UNICEF set marginal imperf blks of 4 ($350). Also range of 1997 Diana full sheets inc Bahamas, Caymans, Kiribati, St Kitts, Solomons, Tokelau & Vanuatu ($400). Almost all VF fresh MUH. Total retail $7500+ (770, plus 10 sheets & M/S)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1984 Ausipex set 25c-100c & M/Sheet, all IMPERF, affixed in Walsall Security Printer's folder. SG 390-MS393(p). Attractive & only a couple made.AVAILABLE at A$120

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1987-88 Birds 1n & 2n, unissued w/o surcharge. VF fresh MUH. SG footnote after 502, Mi 387F & 393F cat €120. (2)AVAILABLE at A$50

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1987-88 Birds 1n & 2n unlisted w/o Surch. VF fresh M. SG footnote after S02, Mi 387F & 393F cat €120. (2)AVAILABLE at A$20